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I am an "Angel Company." You may sell handmade artwork using my flexible push molds or rubber stamps.

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Animals including owls, eagle, cats, tigers, leopard, dogs, birds, turtle domino jewelry rubber stamps
Pop Art Andy Warhol Cat rubber stamp Christmas card kitty kitten artwork
Pop Art Cat
Example art Christmas card colored with copic markers and stamped with memento ink pads.
Rubber stamped wood fridge magnets - instructions available on the  "other ways to use domino size stamps" page.
Domino sponged with Teal Blue and Blazing Red Stazon ink,
rubber stamped with Jet Black.
Domino tutorial page here.
These were also done by sponging StazOn ink in the following colors:
Left - timber brown and sunflower yellow . Middle -pumpkin orange and
sunflower yellow. Right - Teal Blue and Fuchsia Pink. Highlights added
with a colorless blender copic marker.
owl rubber stamp bird domino art tutorial stazon ink pad copic marker colorless blender
Full tutorial, more example art and many more techniques can be found on the domino tutorial page.
$22.99 Large sheet #Anim-126
contains 33 rubber stamps and
measures approx. 8.25" wide x
10.5" tall. For individual size
reference the top two rows of
stamps are 1" x 2" (standard
"double six" dot domino size.)
domino and hexigon letter game tile tiger big jungle cat rubber stamp set artwork jewelry making supplies
The game tiles and beads to decorate page has an assortment of ready to
stamp jewelry making items including these hexigon letter tiles.
Hexagon letter game tile with screw eye drilled and glued used with domino size rubber stamp tiger cat Stazon ink pad
Using a hexagon game tile, I drilled a small pilot hole for a screw eye, then scewed and glued it into place. Green, orange and yellow Stazon
ink pads were sponged onto the surface of the game tile. I then rubber stamped the tiger image with jet black Stazon. The highlights were
"erased" away using an alcohol ink clear blender marker by Copic.
Kitty cat rubber stamped wood fridge magnets colored with copic markers and white gel pen stamped with Stazon Jet black ink pad
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Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies Premo Sculpey Alphabet Miniature Food Chalk
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
open back pendant frames transparent resin inclusions supplies
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings