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Translucent Liquid Sculpey TLS Polymer Clay Bake & Bond 2 fl oz bottles
Translucent Liquid Sculpey $8.99
Can be mixed with chunks of clay to create a paste for faux frosting and other miniature food effects.
Stir in soft pastel powder or inks to create syrups.

Use to create image transfers from magazines, photocopies, colored pencil drawings and stamping
inks. To make a bakeable painting and surface medium, add oil paints. Add dry pigments to create
glazes and color washes. Use with polymer clays for a bakeable adhesive grout for mosaics, faux
enameling and a translucent glazing and polishing medium. Create a design on paper, paint on
Liquid Sculpey and bake. After baking wash off the paper. The design has permanently transferred to
the Liquid Sculpey. Use the flexible image to decorate clay items, windows or decoupage projects.
Can also be used to create window clings and suncatchers.

Sculpey Bake & Bond $5.99
Provides a very strong clay-to-clay adhesive for design solutions. Allows uncured clay pieces to join
completely without the traditionally necessary pressure which flattens or distorts shapes. Use as a
glue to join baked or unbaked clay, then bake according to the clay instructions. Can also be used to
coat paper mache, wood or canvas surfaces to cover with clay.

Each bottle from base to tip is just under 5" tall (3" container) and contains 2 fl oz.
These little 1.5" x 0.75" jars of fine pearlescent mica powders go a long way. A great way to bring out the
details on raw, pre-baked, polymer clay by using a tiny wipe of the jar's lid with your finger and gently touching
the raised areas of your design. You could also add a little to a mini spray bottle with your favorite inks or
watercolor paints and water, mix in with your embossing powders, dust over clear embossing ink stamped
images with a soft paintbrush, or over your own drawings done with the perfect pens on paper.
Perfect Pearls like Pearl-Ex metallic mica powder for polymer clay
Pink Gumball
Green Patina
perfect pearls by ranger ink example art polymer clay pendant
There is a tiny bit of difference between "translucent" and "white translucent" mainly being that
the regular translucent has a slightly yellow cast to it and the white translucent has a white tint in it. If
you have used Premo in the past, "white translucent" replaces the previous color named "Frost" and
has been widely regarded as the most translucent of polymer clays. No clay is clear like glass, but
you can achieve higher transparency by fine sanding and buffing your finished pieces. When light
shines behind your pieces there is a soft glow in translucent clays.

Regular translucent works very well in making miniature food, such as fruit canes and breads, as
well as mixing with beige to create realistic skin.
The pearl and metal colors have a beautiful delicate shimmer!

(The colors 18k and regular gold, silver, bronze, pearl and the colors with "pearl" in their
title contain the mica shimmer effect shown in the photo to the right.)

Any of the other clay colors can be mixed with pearl clay to achieve a lightened colored
pearl effect, or you can also mix perfect pearls, glitter or alcohol inks into your clays to
retain the original clay color.
18K Gold
Magenta Pearl
Bright Green pearl
Peacock Pearl
Cadmium Red Hue
White Translucent
Gray Granite
Tools to flatten, cut, emboss, adhere or give texture to your polymer clay, friendly plastic and other impressionable surfaces.
Fiskars embossing stylus texture polymer clay friendly plastic metal sheets
Smaller tips "Detail Burnisher"
Item #5606
Dual-tip stylus by Fiskars. This tool has two metal ball ends for embossing and
texturing. The tips measure about 1/16" and 1 mm.
Tapered tip needle tool can be used for a variety of projects including quilling, bead
making, precision applications such as applying glue, texturing or placing holes in
soft materials, swirling patterns in paint or liquids, etc.

Ideal for piercing clay beads (as a smooth bead reamer/hole maker for raw polymer
clay) with the approx 1 & 3/4" long and just under 1mm thick needle coming to a fine
point. Wood handle allows for comfortable control over this long pointy tipped needle.
Also great for etching designs into clay before baking, using it like a pencil to scratch
out a drawing or add texture.
TIP: Premo is a very firm clay which
accepts details from molds and rubber
stamps better than soft clays.
I highly
recommend a pasta machine for working
with any polymer clay. If a pasta machine is
not possible, rolling the clay into thin sheets
with a brayer tool/acrylic rod will help
soften the clay.
This allows you to quickly
soften and condition the clay before molding
or color mixing.
Warm clay is softer to work
with than cold clay, so sticking the package
in your pocket before you work can relieve
hand strain.
Perfect Medium Pen contains a clear embossing ink in a convenient form to draw with. Perfect Pearls will stick to the Perfect Medium when you dust them on.
Looks best when drawn on dark colored papers and can be used instead of an embossing ink pad with small rubber stamps.
$2.49 each
Perfect Medium Brush Tip Pen by Ranger Rubber stamp embossing ink perfect pears polymer clay craft supplies
Premo! By Sculpey Polymer Clay blocks, tools, rubber stamp and texture supplies
Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay Pearl Colors Black and White 2oz block
Purple Pearl
Alizarin Crimson Hue
Cadmium Yellow Hue
skin tone polymer clay face beige translucent premo and other colors
Burnt Umber
Purple - sold out
*Reducing selection,
1 to 2 of all other
colors left in stock.*
Ultramarine Blue
makins clay polymer clay cookie cutters mini teddy bear dove christmas tree heart circle bulb and flower petal shapes
Makins Clay brand food-safe metal cookie cutters great for polymer clay - $1.99 per set. Each set contains 3 different sizes of that design:
Teddy Bear
Sculpey Super Slicer: Contains two flat razor blades (one is more flexible than the
other,) one "wave" and one "Rick-Rack" blade (small and large wavy cutters) with plastic
handles that come apart to be used with any blade.

A must have for easily cutting through pieces of polymer clay. Use the wavy blades to
create special effects when cutting into alternating layers of color or for mokume gane
Sculpey super slicer razor blade for polymer clay kit wavy rick rack
flat razor blade for cutting polymer clay wavy rick rack Mokume Gane
MakinsClay cookie cutters for polymer clay jewelry and cane making supplies
gold leaf polymer clay supplies metal leafing painting jewelry polymer clay techniques
speedball mona liza art products metal leaf gold leafing pad
Metal leaf, thin transfer foils and glues for clay, jewelry and artwork:
Golden $9.99
Perfect Pearls -  Fine mica powders with a binder that allows it to stick to anything wet (raw clay, glue, sprinkle over wet paint, etc)
Gold perfect pearls like pearl ex metallic mica powder finish for polymer clay jewelry making
perfect pearls Ranger Gold tutorial polymer clay black details jewelry metallic finish
Premo! Sculpey Polymer Clay:
This very firm clay is easy to use with molds and rubber stamping techniques. When warmed and kneaded, or conditioned with a roller or pasta machine,
it softens enough to be molded or stamped
and be firm enough to keep detail. Each package is 2oz. (about 2.25" tall) and hardens in the oven at 275
degrees for 30 minutes per 1/4" thickness.
$2.79 each
Lino cutter blade handle blue speedball speedy carve
speedball #4 square gouge lino cutter block printing carving blade
Speedy-Carve by Speedball 3
speedball v number 2 lino cut block printing make your own polymer clay impression plate texture carving
These Speedball lino cutter and block printing blades, handles and carving blocks are great for carving directly into polymer clay, or the speedball
carving sheets to make your own rubber stamps and flexible impression plates for polymer clay.
Two blades per
package -
Handle to hold
carving blades.

3x4" & 1/4" thick
pink eraser-like
material that makes
carving your own
stamps and texture
plates a breeze! It's
flexible, durable and
will not crack,
crumble or break.

cookie cutters for polymer clay butterfly by MakinsClay
Butterfly cookie
2 left in stock
perfect pearls cappuccino brown, forever red, mandaring orange mica powders pearl ex pigment metallic effects for polymer clay
Perfect Pearls forever green, forever blue, grape fizz purple metallic mica powder for polymer clay similar to pearl ex pigment
Cappuccino Brown, Forever Red, Mandarin Orange:
Forever Green, Forever Blue, Grape Fizz:
$13.99 four blades
and handle set.
Rub'n Buff metallic wax finish for any dry
surface. Works especially well on hard surfaces
such as cured/already baked rubber stamped or
molded polymer clay projects, utee or resin
items, picture frames, beads etc. to highlight the
fine details. Can be applied with your finger for
maximum application control, a little goes a long
way and one tube can cover 20 sq. ft.

Each tube is 1/2 fl. oz (15ml) and measures
approx. 1" wide x 3" tall including cap.
Antique White
Silver Leaf
Gold Leaf
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UTEE ultra thick embossing enamel powder with red heat set ink Goddess fragment art with gold Rub'n Buff wax finish
Example art above was made using melted clear
embossing powder
colored w/red heat set ink (has a
similar look to transparent resin) poured into a flexible
mold to harden. I then applied gold Rub'n Buff gold,
rubbed on with my finger tip to the raised surfaces.
tapered tip needle tool pointy end bead piercing polymer clay or texture miniature food
Thin needle tool with wood handle $3.69
Premo! Sculpey brand clay cutters great for jewelry making, come in a package of 6 of each shape, varying in size from .75" to 2" - $6.99 per set.
Premo Sculpey circle round jewelry making metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey circle round metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey diamond measured small to large metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey diamond metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Small to Large Premo Sculpey oval metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey oval metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey tear drop measured metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Premo Sculpey teardrop metal polymer clay cookie cutters jewelry pendant
Oval set of 6 cookie
Diamond set of 6
cookie cutters
Circle set of 6 cookie
Tear drop set of 6
cookie cutters
Cattleya Orchid cookie cutters for fondant gum paste or polymer clay, great for jewelry making pendants.
Set of 3 Cattleya Orchid flower petal shaped cookie cutters.
Great for use with fondant/gum paste or polymer clay for flower making, or
use individual cutters as unique jewelry making shapes.
Newly added colors:
Premo! Polymer clay OPAL 2015 new color necklace project
Opal is a semi translucent white
clay with glitter and reflective flakes
embedded in it to mimic the gem

Tip: When using cookie cutters, cover
the clay sheet you've rolled out with
plastic wrap. This allows for smooth
rounded edges from the cut.

For a tutorial on how to make this
necklace check out the
manufacturer's website
Opal $2.79
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Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Ice resin, open back pendant tray, bezel settings transparent, inclusions, stickers, gold leaf, inserts
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, polymer clay settings
Opal Premo Sculpey Accents polymer clay new 2015 color with glitter flakes fo a faux gem stone effect
Twinkle Twinkle
Black clay with
tiny silver and
gold glitter
inside to mimic
the night sky.
Frost White Glitter
White clay with tiny
clear multi-color
reflective holograph
effect glitter
embedded inside.
Premo! Sculpey is now completely Phthalate free made in the USA Polymer Clay
Twinkle Twinkle Premo Polymer Clay  black with gold and silver glitter star night sky effect
frost white glitter premo! sculpey accents polymer clay
Brush tip (lightly use tip for fine
line, sides for wide strokes)
Bullet tip (1 mm firm
rounded point)
Perfect medium embossing powder ink bullet tip pen for perfect pearls drawing stencil mixed media artwork
Wilton double cut outs set of 6 fondant polymer clay or cookie cutters with smooth or wavy reversible leaf shape
Wilton's leaf shape double cut-outs set of 6 fondant/clay/cookie cutters. Both sides can be used for a different appearance. $5.99
Smooth bead reamer needle tool plastic safety handle iron poker polymer clay pierce holes
One thick iron needle tool with plastic safety handle. The handle comes in a random color (sorry,
the manufacturer doesn't offer color choice) and the needle extends from the handle about 60mm
(approx 2.5") and is just under 2mm thick and coming to a fine point at the end.
$1.99 each
Silvertone $9.99
5.5" x 5.5" square pad of 25 thin metal leaf sheets:
mona lisa speedball silver metal leaf gold leafing foil
Approximate color
of these composite
metal leaf sheets.
Sunset Pearl,  Graphite Pearl,  White Gold Glitter,  Yellow Gold Glitter,  Rose Gold Glitter. $2.79 each:
Premo Sculpey Accents polymer clay new colors sunset and graphite pearl with mica powders, white yellow and rose gold glitter with larger particle glitter for sparkly projects.
The photo to the right shows a jewelry project made using the new white, yellow and rose gold glitter
clays. The "white gold" has silver colored glitter and silver mica, the "yellow gold" has silver glitter with
gold mica, and the "rose gold" has silver glitter and copper mica powders.
The "pearl" colors
contain the fine particle mica powders only, not the larger particle glitter
DecoFoil transfer adhesive 2oz bottle.
This glue is a
thick gel and can be
squirted/drawn onto your paper,
canvas, acrylic painted, wood or fabric
surface with the fine applicator tip, or
use a paint brush to apply it. Because it
is a gel, it can hold brush strokes or 3d
effects which enhances the shine of
foils since the light hits it from more
angles. After about 10 minutes it
becomes clear and tacky to the touch,
this grabs any glitter, metal leafing or
transfer foils you apply to it.
Quickie glue pen:

A standard medium ball
point pen filled with liquid
adhesive for attaching light
weight paper projects, foil,
perfect pearls, pastels and
other powders. Attach paper
projects while glue is wet,
attach foils after wet glue
puddles have evaporated
and glue is still tacky to the

$2.99 each
If you are new to metal leaf and transfer foils: note
these are extremely thin, much different from
aluminum foil at the grocery store. These coat a
surface with about the thickness of a layer of paint, but
create a shine you can only get with real metal.

For applying to raw clay, see the technique picture to
the left.

For applying to
baked clay, canvas, paper, wood or
any other hard surface:
these thin composition (mixed
metal "gold" leaf) sheets can be applied using special
tacky glues (adhesive that stays sticky after drying) or
double sided tape.

Metal leaf has no backing and easily breaks apart to
conform to uneven surfaces.
Transfer foils are stuck
to a plastic sheet backing
, can only be used with
adhesive, and are better for flat surface applications.
Metallic Transfer Foils:
These are different from metal leafing because they have thin clear plastic backing to "transfer" the metallic surface coating onto your project. Use
adhesive (glue or double sided tape) to rip the metallic finish off from the plastic backing. Unlike metal leaf, when using transfer foils you never have to store
crumbles of tiny metal leaf flakes, as the plastic sheets hold any unused metallic effect in place. They are one-sided, with a "dull" finish on the side that goes
face down onto your adhesive. Best for flat projects including fabric, paintings and paper artwork.
iCraft Deco Foil transfer adhesive gel fabric metal leaf gold leafing glue fine art painting and craft supplies
Deco Foil rainbow transfer metal leaf red blue purple green gradient colorful metallic leafing
Deco Foil rainbow colors red blue green purple colorful metal leaf transfer leafing fabric art
Deco Foil by iCraft: These metallic transfer foils come rolled in plastic tubes containing 5 sheets measuring 6"x12" each
Rainbow: An opaque gradient
of metallic colors.
Minc toner printer laminator rubber stamping heat embossing transfer foil sheets metal leafing gold Deco Foil iCraft
Satin lime green Devo Foil by iCraft minc transfer foil sheets laminator machine
Minc toner printer laminator rubber stamping heat embossing transfer foil sheets metal leafing silver Deco Foil iCraft
Minc toner printer laminator rubber stamping heat embossing transfer foil sheets metal leafing teal turquoise blue Deco Foil iCraft
Deco foil transfer metallic pink melon film metal leaf glue adhesive bond paper fabric paint
Designer foil sheets by Clearsnap strips measuring just 2"x7" with 6 sheets per package, great for small projects. $3.99 each:
clearsnap designer foils cherry pie red transfer metal leaf metallic film
clearsnap designer foils gold goldmine yellow transfer metal leaf metallic film
clearsnap designer foils silver fog gray transfer metal leaf metallic film
clearsnap designer foils winter sky holographic starts transfer metal leaf metallic film
Silver $4.99
Gold $4.99
Pink Melon $4.99
Satin Lime $4.99
Teal $4.99
Cherry Red
Silver Fog
Winter Sky
(silver with
reflective stars)
Perfect Pearls can be applied onto sticky pigment inks (such as clear
embossing inks or perfect Medium rubber stamped or pen-drawn images on
paper) by applying the powder with any soft paint brush.
Add a little Perfect Pearls with water in a
mini mister bottle to make your own
metallic sprays for artwork.
Mini Mister spray bottle Tsukineko stencil masks distress inks, perfect pearls or pearl ex metallic powder container.
A mini spray bottle you
can fill with water and
perfect pearls, add
inks, watercolors etc.
Great for spraying over
stencils as a shimmer
mister. About 4" tall x
5/8" wide.

$1.50 each
Dotting pen paint tool for dot painting or stylus ball texture pattern for polymer clay artwork
Set of 5 dotting stylus tools: Each piece has a 1.5mm ball at one end, and a varying size ball on the other end measuring
1 to 3mm wide. Can be used for creating texture and sculpture details in polymer clay, or as a painting tool for adding
small dots of glue or color to your project such as clay, jewelry, nail polish, etc.
Sakura quickie glue pen adhesive liquid ball tip hand drawing for gold leaf,metal transfer foil, mica powders, pastel chalks and more
Double sided tape
protective peel-off
paper on both
sides. Great for
applying to any flat
surface to hold
metal leafing, foils,
glitter, embossing
powder etc.
per package
Gold leaf metal leafing sheets for Mokume Gane Polymer Clay technique supplies art craft jewelry
Deco foil is a metallic transfer used on sticky glue or double sided tape to create a holographic prism silver opal shine finish
Stainless steel cutters suitable for most uses such as cookies, fondant or other food, crafts or polymer clay usage:
Makins Clay brand cutters are manufactured for clay cutting, but are also labeled "food-safe" on
the packaging. No mention of the type of metal used in their cutters has been provided to me. See
more cutters below if you specifically
need stainless steel material.
Speedball number 1 small v detail space cutter for rubber stamps and polymer clay texture plates
Speedball steel carving blades for polymer clay, rubber stamps, lino and block printing cut blocks
Speedball number 6 knife fine detail blade for carving rubber stamps lino print block
Speedball carving blades make your own rubber stamps and polymer clay texture sheets
store policy
Speedy-Cut "easy" to carve
blue 2x3" sheet
Blades are extremely sharp and made of
tempered steel. Made in USA.
zig memory system ek tools 2 way glue pen blue clear repositional permanent liquid two marker chisel
Chisel tip marker filled
with liquid glue. Push
down tip to activate flow.
Great for adhering paper
together for card making
and paper flowers.
Remains tacky for
several hours after
drying, making it great for
adding a dusting of
perfect pearls mica
powders, chalks, gold
leaf or metal foils over
paper projects. Blue
when liquid, clear when
$2.99 each sale
2 left in stock
WHITE: 1 left, discontinued
clearance $4.79
The golden sheets also come in a
chopped up, random size, flakes form:
Golden metal leafing flakes 3g bag $7.99
Speedball's Mona Lisa
brand thin liquid
adhesive ideal for
coating picture frames,
baked clay carvings
and other non-porous
2oz (59ml)
easily applied using a
paint brush.
Speedball Mona Lisa adhesive size metal leafing foil glue leaf picture frame gold golden shiny metallic surface
Perfecr Pearls rubber stamping or drawing dust with mica powders for metallic sparkle effect when light hits it
Martha Stewart Crafts Silicone Molds - Garden themed flexible push molds for air dry or polymer clays, resin, UTEE, etc.
Martha Stewart garden molds polymer clay leaf flower fern terrarium craft silicone rubber flexible soap resin or UTEE molds
Martha Stewart garden molds polymer clay leaf flower fern terrarium craft silicone rubber flexible soap resin or UTEE molds
Garden Set - four circle molds
butterfly, leaves, flowers, fern
$9.99 last 1 $8.99
Martha Stewart silicone molds Romantic crafter's clay rose leaf heart and flowers
Martha Stewart air dry clay or resin molds flower rose leaves heart fabric pollow
Romantic Set -Detailed leaves, rose,
heart pillow and flower molds.
last 1 $8.99
Each set contains four circles of silicone and each
circle measures approx. 2.25" wide.
Martha Stewart decorative design dollhouse picture frame flexible push mold polymer clay silicone rubber
Martha Stewart decorative design dollhouse picture frame flexible push mold polymer clay silicone rubber
Martha Stewart Sweet Shop Miniature food silicone flexible push mold for polymer clay
Martha Stewart Sweet Shop Miniature food silicone flexible push mold for polymer clay
Set of four round molds made of flexible blue silicone rubber.
Stars, picture frame, swirls and
decorative element molds
last 1 $8.99
Strawberry, cherry, leaves,
cupcakes and ribbon bow molds
last 1 $8.99
Martha Stewart alphabet clay molds letters and characters
Martha Stewart flexible push molds for air dry clay and resin ALPHABET LETTERS
Martha Stewart alphabet set mold. Contains all capital letters with pattern and five special characters.
last 1
Entire mold containing all letters
measures 3"x6". Each letter measures
15mm tall (about 9/16" in height.)
flexible push molds skeleton hand poppy flower black widow spider Gothic Manor by Martha Stewart
martha stewart gothic manor victorian halloween skeleton hand push clay mold
Gothic Manor Molds by Martha Stewart. A Victorian
halloween theme set with skeleton, hand and key,
poppy flower and black widow spider. Set of four
molds, each measures about 2.25" wide.
sale $7.99
Envirotex jewelry clay resin putty glues to beads charms rhinestones and allows texture stamping as a self drying non baked clay alternative
EnviroTex jewelry clay 4
oz resin putty set
sale $9.99 - 2 available
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Deco Foil is an easy to peel-off metallic finish.
Apply foil to any tacky surface including double
sided tape or the glues above.


*All foil products have 1 to 2 left in stock, orders
for more will have the out of stock quantity
Looking for colorful leaf?

Tiny jars of multicolored
variegated foils for jewelry and
small craft projects can now be
found on the
resin inclusions