This section contains supplies to make art doll themed jewelry and mixed media collage, miniature food and doll house items.
Create dessert pastry / cupcake / pies or other miniature food items using these tiny silverware and pie tin
miniature bottle caps
. Decorate with clay or resin to make jewelry or doll house items.
mini silverware silverwear resin or polymer clay dessert jewelry cupcake pie cute
Package of 12 miniature
silverware including four
each of forks spoons and
miniature fork knife spoon silverware doll house jewelry making polymer clay dessert
Using soft pastel chalks to color miniature bread baguette toast with paint brush.
miniature food tutorial dolls house bread baguette step by step how-to guide
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I use Premo! polymer clay for my
miniatures and jewelry making.
You can find the
polymer clay
and related tools page here.

You can make accessories and
miniatures for your own unique
art setting, or to compliment you
or your child's favorite doll or toy
set. My favorite toys are the
"Calico Critters" animal families,
available at Toys R Us and
Amazon. Pictures of the Calico
Critters with my miniatures,
along with tutorials on various
miniature food can be found
here :)
Miniature doll house garden tools gardening spade pruning shear watering bucket
Miniature doll house beer Colt 45
Miniature food doll house soda cans dr. pepper, pepsie, 7 up, fanta, tab.
Miniature Garden in 1:12 scale tools dollhouse watering bucket shears spade
Gardening tools, soda
pop, beer cans,
silverware, plates and
more in 1:12 scale
(where an inch = a foot of
a real life item.) Great for
miniature art, doll house
settings and
coordinating with your
polymer clay food.
Gardening spade,
pruning shears &
watering can.
6 Soda Cans
6 Beer Cans
Miniature Kitchenware and Doll House items:
martha stewart micro beads tiny glass marbles miniature food cookie doughnut sprinkles
"Micro Beads" Tiny glass marbles, no holes, less
than 1 mm wide. Great for accenting paper or
polymer clay flowers, miniature jewelry, mini
polymer clay food (sprinkles on cookies/
doughnuts), studded textures etc.

Since miniature projects tend to use these
sparingly and on a small scale, these little 0.4oz.
bags go a long way.

Each bag measures 1.5" square - clearance

Each color has 1 to 2 packs left in stock then
discontinued, orders for more than stock on hand
will have the out of stock quantity refunded.
Sold Out
Sold Out
Golden Copper
Sold Out
Dark Pink Pearl
Sold Out
Light Pink Pearl
Purple Pearl
Sold Out
Feldspar Teal Pearl
Sold Out
Red Pearl
Orange Pearl
Sold Out
Light Blue Pearl
Sold Out
Green Pearl
Polymer clay fruit canes are ready to be cut into slices with a razor blade, applied to your jewelry or craft project, glued onto finger nails, cell phones or create
miniature food by adding the slices to polymer clay tarts, pies, cakes, as pancakes or waffle toppings etc. Depending on how thickly you slice,
each approx 2"  
long stick
yields 50 to 100+ slices. Each cane is hand made and may vary in size from approx. 4mm to 6mm wide and about 50mm long.
Metal crowns fit for a queen, king, prince or princess in several styles for your 1:12 scale dolls, collage, polymer clay and jewelry projects:
Three heavy copper metal miniature frying
(Perfect for adding your polymer clay
pancakes, eggs and bacon!)
copper miniature frying pans kitchenware copperware timeless minis food DIY Doll House
mini eggs in a bowl with a whisk set miniature food doll house
Mini eggs in a bowl with a
metal whisk
set $2.99
miniature cup of coffee spoon plate doll house pendant charm food DIY
Miniature cup of coffee
with plate and spoon.

Handle also makes a
good loop for stringing
as pendant
pewter miniature plates fancy serving tray food dining doll house craft supplies
Four fancy pewter
serving tray
miniature plates
Polymer clay fruit canes miniature food supplies nail art mushroom tomato strawberry banana
Polymer clay fruit canes tomato grapefruit banana orange lemon lime strawberry kiwi craft supplies
Try all 9 canes for
$4.50 (0.50 each)
Individual canes 0.75¢ per stick
Mario Mushroom
Crowns, hands, face beads and charms for mixed media art dolls, collage, jewelry making etc.:
Mini bottle cap 17mm outer
12mm inside bottom.
Bulk sale
50 for $6.99 (0.14
¢ each)
large jumbo bottlecap super big bottle cap silver 2
Very large bottle cap 2" wide (just under
1.75" inner circle) great for resin, making
photo ornaments or maybe even a large
polymer clay pie.
$0.75 cents each
Clearance $0.50
about 18 in stock
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Tim Holtz idea-ology Adornments Regal Metal Royal Wings and Crown Embellishments
Tim Holtz idea-ology brand "Adornments Regal"
Detailed, flat back, dark silver/pewter
colored metal wings and crowns.
Tiny angel wings charms beads wing jewelry making supplies silver or bronze art doll
Tiny angel wing charms approx 17mm long. Silver or bronze tone metal:
Silver package
of 10 (5 pairs)
Bronze package
of 10 (5 pairs)
Bottlecaps for polymer clay, photographs, rubber stamp art, magnets, jewelry making etc.:
Regular no liners,
package of 10
Flattened no liners,
package of 10
Silver bird skeleton skull pendant charm flower vine leaf bead DIY jewelry making supplies art doll desert
Antiqued silvertone finish metal Bird Skull hollow skeleton
pendant with flowers, vines and leaf design. About 41mm tall
including top loop.
99¢ each.
Last batch has arrived in stock, about 20 available.
bronze healing hands charms art doll mixed media beads hand reiki spiral
Bronzetone metal spiral
healing hand charms
package of 4 (2 pairs) 99¢
Reversible silvertone thin
face beads - 4 for 99¢
Hand charms holding gemstone riches silver hands for art dolls or mixed media collage jewelry
Delicate hands holding riches
8x18mm. Reversible silvertone metal
package of 4 (2 pairs)
49¢ pair
Silvertone "LOVE" and "You" hand
charms set w/ hollow back.
Buddha face bead buddhism pendant buddhist necklace face cab cabochon
Off white resin Buddha face, hole
top to bottom, flat back.
$1.29 each

Clearance 0.99 - last 5 pieces
Art Nouveau lady face head silver bead connector charm for jewelry making necklace
Art Nouveau lady face
charm connector
package of
four for $1.49
Antiqued silvertone
finish: 69¢ each
King's crown art doll royalty accessories jewelry for ball joint dolls or polymer clay mixed media 1:12th scale
Large king's crown available in bronze, gold or silver finish. Sides measure
13mm tall, and the inner opening measures 19mm wide.
99¢ each
Buddha silver serene meditation forehead dot third eye bead charm pendant for jewelry making necklace or bracelet
Buddha head
beads with dot,
reversible, hole
top to bottom
89¢ per pair
Antique gold healing hands spiral charms art doll
Shiny antiqued gold metal
healing hand charms
package of 4 (2 pairs) 99¢
Bronze Buddha face statue pendant bead charm brass head art doll
Buddha head
beads with dot,
reversible, hole
top to bottom
79¢ per pair
Silver buddha face pendant shrine amulet buddhism religion jewelry making supplies bead
Tiny art doll crown bronze child princess baby royalty mixed media jewelry
Tiny bronzetone crown
for small projects.
Measures approx. 13mm
at widest points
22¢ each
Large dimensional Buddha
face pendant
in silvertone
0.89¢ each
Miniature tiny Buddha buddhist shrine for pendant resin craft amulet
Miniature buddha statue for amulet shrine pendant tiny dollhouse resin craft
Miniature statue Kwan Yin Goddess shrine pendant amulet resin diy doll house
Quan Yin Guanyin Kwan Goddess of Mercy she who hears the cries of the world
Miniature Buddha
Quan Yin statue
(also known as
Kwan / Guanyin or
Goddess of Mercy)
tiny metal shrine
great for resin
jewelry or
miniature settings.
No holes, use with
silvertone Buddha
0.99¢ each
goldtone Buddha
0.99¢ each
Miniature silvertone
Quan Yin statue
0.99¢ each
Miniature goldtone
Quan Yin statue
0.99¢ each
Cute bunny rabbit animal face peeking charm pendant
Bronzetone bunny
charm 20¢ each
pumpkin charms
with leaves in
silverone package
6 for 99¢
Heart in hand silver charm for jewelry making bracelet necklace claddagh
Heart in hand
silvertone charm
15¢ each
Wings - Metal charms in a variety of sizes and metal finishes for jewelry making or accenting art dolls and collage.
Rose flower bud leaf designs nature leaves wings for day of the dead jewelry or nature spirit art dolls collage
Reversible wings with rose bud flower and leaves
Each wing measures approx. 10x30mm with
a loop at the end.
Package of 4 for 0.99¢ Last
chance item - discontinued.
Silver about 2 packs
left in stock, Bronze about 5 packs left in stock.
Sea shell mermaid doll serving spoon for miniature food dollhouse
Silvertone sea shell
serving spoon
32mm long.
20¢ each
silver swan wing charms beads pendant art doll jewelry making collage mixed media supllies collage
Package of 10 pieces (5
pairs) of swan wing charms
with loops for
queen of hearts crown pendant charm silver bead collage alice in wonderland
Tiny miniature crown silver dollhouse art doll polymer clay jewelry art supplies
Tiny silvertone crown
measuring approx.
13mm at widest
22¢ each
Queen of Hearts Crown
Charm measures approx.
22mm wide.
37¢ each
Silver angel wing charms bead art doll spirit fairy dress pendant earrings
angel wings gold copper jewelry making bead charms art doll collage components
Angel wings silver bronze embellishment jewelry making component for collage mixed media art doll supplies
Example art beaded angel
pendants or earrings.
Reversible Angel
Wing Charms

measuring approx
8x24mm. Package of

10 for $1.99
Antiqued Copper
Silvertone connected
angel wings with center
large approx 51mm
Four pack 0.99¢
Small size
approx 30mm
pack 0.99¢
Tiny gold crown miniature art doll dollhouse mixed media angel fairy making supplies
Tiny goldtone crown
measuring approx.
13mm at widest
22¢ each
silver healing hands charms spiral paisly indian charm art doll dollhouse jewelry
Antiqued silvertone metal spiral
healing hand charms package
of 4 (2 pairs)
angel wings art doll jewelry charms beads metal silver gold bronze mixed media art
Reversible tiny elegant angel wing charms
measure approx. 7x20mm. Package of 10 for $1.99
Antiqued Silvertone
Antiqued Goldtone
Antiqued Bronzetone
reversible silver greenman green man nature leaf face bead charm pendant
Greenman leaf face
. Four for 99¢
Angel wings large jewelry making art doll bird wing pendant mixed media DIY supplies
Angel wings large jewelry making art doll bird wing pendant mixed media DIY supplies
XXL Angel Wings.
Silvertone metal detailed
wings with a hole at each
end for convenient hanging
Unfinished blank
back side.
One left and
one right wing per pair.
$3.99 per pair - no longer
manufactured, 4 left in
Each wing measures approx.
35x100mm.Great size for costume jewelry,
chain headdress or mixed media art doll
Reversible silvertone swan wings approx 10x33mm:
decorative swirl dragonfly bug wings angel bead silver charm for art doll pendants jewelry making curl
Decorative swirl
wings with center
reversible design.
Package of
6 for
tiny dragonfly wings charm beads angel art doll jewelry mixed media supplies diy
Tiny dragonfly wings
with center bead

5x19mm, reversible
design. Package of
for 0.99¢
Flower dress
beads on the
beads page.
Tribal skull beads
silvertone decorative
pattern face
measures approx
7x10mm. Package
10 for $1.99
Silver dotted ring
spacer beads on
jewelry making
supplies page.
Hollow bottom silvertone metal
tea pot charm
, can be hung by the
handle or used in mixed media art
settings. Each measures
approx.10mm tall, 15mm wide and
7mm thick.
25¢ each
smooth feather mini angel wings charms for jewelry art doll beads mixed media art ATC artist trading cards
Tiny reversible smooth feather angel
wing charms
measure approx. 8x12mm.
Sale 6 for 0.49¢
day of the dead rose flower leaf skull silver beads pendant macabre charms
Detailed silvertone metal rose flower vines and
leaves skull beads
measure approx. 10x7mm. Great
for day of the dead jewelry.
99¢ per pair
10% off 6 pack for $2.67
Silver victorian high heeled boot charms shoes beads art doll steampunk vintage art jewelry
Reversible high heel
charms 2 for
angel wing charms beads silver bronze brass gold
tiny gold hand charms eye of protection palm goddess art doll jewelry bead
Tiny 10mm gold
hand of protection
. 10 pack 99¢
clearance sale 10
for 69¢
30x9mm angel wing charms, package of 8 for 99¢
Antiqued Golden
Black plastic skull beads
package of 16
sale $1.99
Skull gothic halloween face bead charm connector link silver bracelet jewelry making supplies
Silvertone skull
connector link
approx 10x21mm.
Package of 5 for
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
Flat back off white resin face cabochons for art dolls and mixed media craft jewelry
Flat back off-white resin face cabochons
measure approx. 20mm wide, 23mm tall
and 10mm thick. Package of
5 for $1.99
mini miniature bottle cap pie cake tin tray dollhouse food doll house terrarium craft
0.25¢ each
Face molds for polymer clay, flexible push molds buttons and art dolls
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Goddess God Mythology Green Man GreenMan push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools and Supplies Premo Sculpey Alphabet Miniature Food Chalk
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
Open back frames transparent pendant bezel settings and resin inclusions opal flakes
Nature spirit animal guide pendants or art doll face cabochons
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Using a miniature gold crown to make charms with beads and ball head pins.
Example of how
the tiny crowns
look paired with
connected with a
ball head pin to
create charms.
bronze brown metal face beads human head charm for art doll or jewelry making pendant
silver face beads human head charm for art doll or jewelry making pendant
Reversible bronzetone
face beads - 4 for 99¢
Thin version (note 1mm hole) is no longer
manufactured, available for a limited time.
Bulk sale 10% off: 20 pack for $4.40
One sided crown charm for sew or glue on or hang with jump rings, connector link royalty king queen art doll mixed media art jewelry diy
One sided
charm 29¢
Gold princess crown art doll royalty miniature costume design jewelry making supplies
miniature silver crown
16mm miniature bronze crown prince princess royal king queen art doll
16 to 17mm wide princess crowns:
Thin, smooth-plate style
gold finish: 69¢ each
Rough bronze finish clearance
sale 49¢ each
about 30 left in
stock, refund will be made for any
quantity above stock on hand.
Miniature crown bead charm art doll mixed media jewelry collage art supplies
These crowns have
a flat base with a
hole perfect for
beading, glue-on
projects using gel
super glue or
sewing for securing
to doll hair.
Miniature doll crowns in silver or bronze with sew or glue-on hole also great for beading as a charm
Yellow-gold ridged plate
princess crown 69¢ each
Antiqued Silver
69¢ each
Antiqued Bronze
69¢ each
10% off when you
buy 10 for $6.21:
10 x Antiqued Silver
10 x Antiqued Bronze
17 to 18mm at widest points, approx. 6mm tall:
Miniature crowns with gem setting spots for paint glitter glue or rhinestones for custom color gem effects or use as is for art doll or jewelry making projects
Bronze miniature tiny crown for art doll mixed media or jewelry making
Antique gold miniature tiny crown
Antique silver miniature crown for art doll mixed media jewelry making
New style of miniature crowns have tiny dips where
paint, glitter glue or tiny rhinestones may be applied
for custom colored gem stone effects, or use as is.
Antiqued goldtone gem
slot style miniature
crown 22¢ each
Antiqued silvertone gem
slot style miniature crown
22¢ each
Antiqued bronzetone gem
slot style miniature crown
22¢ each
Miniature dollhouse jewelry mini gold crowns for king queen princess prince royalty beading supplies
Bright golden gem
slot style miniature
crown 22¢ each
Bright golden 10% off
of 50 for $9.90
Inner area of bottle caps approx 25mm / 1"
Large angel wings bead charms in silver bronze and gold metal plating diy jewelry and art doll making supplies
LG reversible
wing charms
package of 2
pieces for
Antiqued Gold
Antiqued Silver
Antiqued goldtone 10% off bulk
of 50 for $9.90
Antiqued silvertone 10% off
bulk pack
of 50 for $9.90
Antiqued bronzetone 10% off
bulk pack
of 50 for $9.90
Antiqued copper miniature crown bead cap or royalty topper use for jewelry making dolls or mixed media art with glue
Antiqued copper gem style
miniature crown 22¢ each
Ant Copper 10% off BULK
50 for $9.90
In addition to jewelry making,
miniature crowns are great for
accenting your polymer clay creations,
art dolls or children's toys.
Darice timeless minis metal tea service set miniature doll house teapot serving tray
Four-piece metal tea service
Reversible silvertone face
beads - 4 for 99¢
Bulk sale 10% off: 20 pack $4.40
Reversible copper face
beads - 4 for 99¢
Bulk sale 10% off: 20 pack $4.40
10% off 20
pack for
Silver reversible serene sleeping face head beads double sided woman jewelry making mixed media art doll supplies
Copper reversible serene sleeping face head beads double sided woman jewelry making mixed media art doll supplies
Scenery powder to mimic nature in miniature art, diorama and terrarium craft glass dome jewelry projects:
0037 blended turf wee scapes green grass project ground cover art supply
Wee Scapes grass green blended turf diorama train scenery powder terrarium craft supplies
Blended Turf - Grass Green Mix
by Wee Scapes. This faux ground
cover is a mixture of dark and light
green tiny foam flakes. Great for
dioramas, train and architectural
models, craft projects and
terrariums. Bag measures
5.5"x5.5" (20 cu. in.)
Wood turning dowel cap shape great for legs on a
box, or as miniature flower pot vase. (Holes do not go
all the way through.)
Flower soft miniature floral pot vase plant doll house miniature tutorial
Wood darice miniature flower pot doll house garden paper flower punch sculpture supply
XL wooden flower pot
for use with miniature
trees, paper flowers,
sculpture and

There is a small
drainage hole at the
bottom to allow for
usage with growing
real plants.

$1.69 each - last 3
clearance sale $1.29
Flower Soft glued to wires with
paper punched leaves.
Limited quantity clearance decorating marbles, glitter, sands, surface treatments etc.:
Peony Pink
10% off sale $4.50
Sweet Pea
10% off sale $4.50
To glue flower soft, try any high tack PVA
glue or thick white glue that dries clear,
such as Elmers.
Flower Soft paper punched flowers center stamen pollen accent embellishment
Makes great pollen centers for paper flowers. Other
ideas on how to use Flower Soft can be found on the
making miniature doll house scenery page.
Flower Soft is in the process of changing over from jars to small bags. The bags contain 3g of regular
size particle flower soft and bag measures approx 2" wide by 3.5" tall
. I will be switching over all
colors to bags as the stock in jars below these sell out.
Flower soft PEONY PINK regular particle scenery powder for terrarium craft diorama nature scenic train landscape
Flower soft sweet pea regular particle scenery powder for terrarium craft diorama nature scenic train landscape
Flower soft bags peony pink floral scenery powder terrarium craft train landscape scenic building dust
peony pink scenery diorama powder for flowers and floral scenic train landscape terrarium craft
10% off sale $4.50
Flower soft meador grass green ground cover for miniature gardens train sets terrarium crafts and diorama
Scenery ground cover meadow flower soft grass flakes for miniature gardens craft diorama train scene
Crocus wildflower lavender lilac diorama scenerey terrarium craft ground cover for miniatures
flower soft heather terrarium craft diorama floral ground cover miniatures
Crocus - great for
wildflowers like lilacs
and lavender. $4.99
10% off sale $4.50
10% off sale $4.50
Autumn Fall Mix Flower Soft miniature garden doll house scene supplies
10% off sale $4.50
* Ultra Fine Flower Soft * 20ml jar:

Finer particle flower soft allows
you to make realistic miniatures in
a smaller scale, add  to rubber
stamp art, pollen centers on paper
punched flower etc.
Raspberry Fizz
Flower Soft Autumn Fall leaves scenery miniature diorama supplies
ultra fine flower soft strawberry
Flower Soft Vintage Christmas 30ml Jar
ultra fine flower soft pine tree green floral crafts
flower soft birthday card craft project example art
Flower Soft - regular size particles in large jars - available while stock lasts.
A light weight spongy sprinkle embellishment. Great for accenting rubber stamped art, card making and scrapbooking. Makes beautiful miniature flowers,
plants, floral bouquets and ground covering in doll houses, miniature gardens, rail road train set landscapes and more. Comes in a clear plastic
30ml jar that
you should open over your work surface, as the contents should be fluffed and expand when the jar is opened.
Vintage Christmas
pine tree christmas green flower soft miniature garden plant diorama doll house
last 1
Christmas Green
All flower soft in jars have been discontinued and only quantity 1 to 2 are in stock of each color. Orders for more than stock on hand will have the extra
quantity refunded from their order:
All large jars of flower soft have been
discontinued by the manufacturer and have
1 to 2 of these colors left in stock.