$22.99 Large sheet #Myst-110.
Sixteen stamps on a roughly
8.25" wide x 10.25" tall rubber
sheet. Bottom left and right
images measure just under
2.5" x 3.5" each (standard artist
trading card size.)
Scan of the UM rubber sheet you will receive.
If you're not sure how to use unmounted stamps, check out
rubber info and mounting options page.
Fairy Medusa Queen Magical Goddess Fantasy Art Bookmark
magical fantasy art Goddess Fairy Medusa Queen unmounted rubber stamp set
Made something cool with my rubber stamps and want to share your art images with others?
Feel free to
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magical fantasy art Goddess Fairy Medusa Queen unmounted rubber stamp set
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ATC Stampbord stampboard wall hanging rubber stamping ink
Alcohol inks rubber stamped ATC stamp board artwork art project
Alcohol inks caramel butterscotch blending solution by Tim Holtz Ranger Ink
Project idea:
I used ATC size (2.5" x 3.5") Stampbord (clay coated hard board made to be a durable stamping surface that accepts most ink and
other media, learn about that on
their website.)
Punch holes with a Cropidile tool for hanging. Coat surface with alcohol inks (caramel and butterscotch colors + blending solution.)
Stamp with Stazon black ink pad. Color with color pencils. Use a scratch art/engraving/etching tool to scratch into the surface and
expose the white clay underneath creating highlights. Optionally seal with a thin coat of mod podge to protect the surface.
I glued metal eyelets into the punched holes. Add beads, ribbons and any embellishments you want and hang it on the wall or door.

Note: Depending on how saturated your surface is, color pencils may not provide full color. Say your surface is coated with a lot of
yellow alcohol inks, if you add green color pencil over it the color will be a yellow-ish green instead of true green. If you want more
saturated color, try using oil based color pencils (I got "Walnut Holllow" brand at my local Michaels craft store in the wood decorating
section.) You could also color your surface with dye based ink pads instead of alcohol inks, which does not interfere with the pencil
color as much.
ATC ACEO Stampbord rubber stamped artwork with alcohol inks
Flower pot paperweight made with domino size Stampbord
(it's a great stamping surface, learn about it on their
website.) Distress ink pads, Stazon black ink, color pencils,
beads held with Glossy Accents as glue, floral foam and
paper roses by Prima.

(Floral rubber stamp on right side from sheet #
Stampbord nature goddess fairy drawing atc aceo beaded wall artwork
ATC size stampbord, stazon black, tan ink pad, colored pencils, scratch
knife to reveal white highlights. Cropadile hole punch, beads, wire, charms.
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I am an "Angel Company." You may sell handmade artwork using my flexible push molds or rubber stamps.
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