A little about me:
My name is Kimberly Crick and I'm addicted to beautiful places! I have gone back and forth between living in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest, driving the 2,400 mile
stretch four times.  In 2004 I was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes.) It has forever changed me for the better, as things that are
important become clear when you think you'll never do/see them again. Once my chemotherapy and radiation treatment was completed, I picked up and moved to the
Portland Oregon area after living near Detroit Michigan my whole life. A decision I will never regret. There are many beautiful places in the USA that I am so thankful to
have seen.
I have never seen as much condensed beauty as there is in Washington, Oregon and California areas anywhere else. I highly recommend seeing as
much of the West coast as possible in your life.

I started this website for my art, so that I could work from home while ill, selling rubber stamps, molds and other craft supplies. I've always been attracted to artwork as a
way to bring happiness and a sense of beauty into life. Now that I am feeling more recovered from my illness, it is a goal of mine to spend some quality time appreciating
nature. I'm not sure if anyone else has said these words, but parks are the gallery of nature. All the finest creations in a row for us to see. It's my favorite art.


Note: I am limited to the USA for my travels. If you would like to recommend a travel location within the United States to me, please feel free to email me at
enchantedgallery@gmail.com - thank you! ) On my to-do list are Alaska and Yellowstone National Park, WY.

The camera used for these older travel photos:
Just in case anyone wonders what I've got, I used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 for most of my pictures throughout this website. While being decent for outdoor scenery
pictures, i really love it for macro (close up) photography. I bought this camera for taking pictures of flowers and of craft projects about two to 10 inches from the lense.
This camera was a 5 mega pixel camera with a 10 x optical zoom, which I used exclusively for a few years (until a few technological upgrades went by.)
In 2009 I upgraded to the 9 mega pixel
Panasonic Lumix TZ5 These cameras are in the $200 to $300 range of standard "point and shoot" digital cameras (easy to use
for everyone!) This camera functions great in well-lighted situations, such as daylight outdoors or taking product photos in a light box. (Night shots are best when using a
tripod and involve tweaking camera settings, more for the experienced photographer.) Like most p&s digital cameras, this one struggles in low light/indoor shots without
flash (noise/grain.) For macro shots and outdoor zoom it is fantastic though!

UPDATE 2013: I have begun putting together my professional photography portfolio on flickr. I have invested in a DSLR camera at
this point (Canon T5i) and am spending more time doing bird watching and wildlife photography.

If you'd like to use my pictures on your website or blog, please include credit to: www.TheEnchantedGallery.com

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Pinterest. Need to contact me? Email enchantedgallery@gmail.com ABOUT THE PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE: I do not have larger
images available, many of these photos are over a decade old using a very low mexapixel camera.
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Ohme Gardens Wenatchee Washington Park
North Cascades National Park in Washington USA
Arches national park southern Utah photographs pictures
Lake Michigan near Frankfort travel pictures photography
Columbia River Gorge and multnomah falls waterfall pictures
Oregon Coastline Pacific Ocean coast highway 101 pictures photographs
Japanese garden Rose gardens Portland Oregon pictures photography
Mt st. helens and Mt. Rainier in Washington
Silver Falls state park and Oregon Garden pictures
Redwood Forest and Pacific Ocean California CA
central oregon cascade mountains crater lake detroit dam pictures
The yellow highlighted lines on the map represent my travels within the United States. The photo
pin-point areas are elaborated on in photographs below (shown in alphabetical order).

Florida and Pennsylvania highlights are coming ASAP.
This page is extremely photo intensive and may take some time to load.
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Arches National Park - Utah (and local highways in late April 2007)
Misc. highway shots on my way down from southern Idaho to Utah. Such a variety of rock colors out here! Sometimes it's scary driving because
there are hours at a time with no exits... no gas... no people!
UT highway south idaho to utah on way to arches national park photography
highway scenic travel photography utah
utah mountains
rock wall mountain photography
wild desert rose utah arches national park pictures
desert wildflower flower photography utah
arches national park Utah mountain range pictures
A skinny desert rabbit bounds past me on the path ahead.

<--- Watch where you step, cactus and other prickly desert plants are all over!
I also saw a sign that said you should stand tall and fight the mountain cats
because if you run they will pounce on you. Scary.
travel photography scenic highway utah arches national park pictures
It was a beautiful sunny 70-ish degree morning in the end of April. I was at Arches National Park for a
couple hours around 9 to 11am and got a sunburn in record time!
Arch at arches national park Utah summer vacation photography
Desert Lizard at Arches national park Utah Photograph
Desert pictures UTAH arches national park
Central Oregon Cascade Mountain Range. Including Crater Lake and the Detroit Dam (May 30 2009)
A group of friendly deer slowly cross the Crater Lake park road. Even though it was over 90 degrees out this day (nearing June), there are many feet of snow at
this elevation. Only one park road was open (south entrance) and the others were blocked by snow gates and covered with a few feet of snow.
fawn young deer photograph
Crater Lake National Park OR Oregon Scenic Photography Pictures
Crater Lake Pine Trees
deer picture fawn
deerv fawn at crater lake national park central oregon vacation pictures photo
Klamath Falls Rainbow Double scenic highway view landscape photography
Being from Michigan I was doubtful about a place named "Detroit", but this Detroit OR is breathtaking!!!
Detroit Lake Dam Oregon
Detroit Oregon Cascade Mountain Range Photograph Pictures
Columbia River Gorge and Multnomah Falls. (Near Mt. Hood National Forest, 30 minutes East of Portland, Oregon)
multnomah falls at columbia river gorge oregon waterfalls
The hiking trails above Multnomah falls are amazing, if you get a chance and a few hours time there are many hidden waterfalls.
Highway 30/84 runs along the Columbia river. Approaching Mt. Hood area there are many waterfalls along the cliffs.
Multnomah falls from the highway exit.
multnomah falls waterfall portland oregon columbia river gorge image
watetfall close up photo
Upper Multnomah
Wahkeena falls <3
Lake Michigan near Frankfort (NW coast, lower penninsula, Michigan)
The great lakes are so big! The endless appearance makes it seem like you're at the ocean.
Clear fresh water over the rocky path beach near Frankfort.
fall tree autumn colors
fall colors autumn trees lake michigan
Frankfort beach Lake Michigan beach pictures
michigan fall leaves october
Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier area - Washington
Mt St Helens in September 2005. The roads leading to the Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier parks are small and often closed in the winter. The ideal time
to visit is June through September (even if a road is scheduled to open in May.) I have gone in mid May and found many roads still closed for vehicles
(some entrances allow bikes/peds only.) This is sometimes due to snow, but severe flooding also effects this area.
Mt. St. Helens Washington September beautiful weather
swift reservoir mt st helens
A series of long lakes line highway 503 on your way to Mt. St. Helens.
swift creek reservoir mt st helens highway 503
swift lake reservoir highway 503 washington
mountain mt. st. helens washington photograph picture
Beautiful clear icy-blue streams rapidly flow throughout the mountainside.
Below - May 2009 Mt. Rainier area:
I came down to Mt. Rainier area from the North-East, after finishing my northern cascades trip (highway 12).
mt rainier ranier washington WA highway 12 scenic drive route
A frozen lake in May
white pass ski resort
White Pass ski resort
Oh no! Highway 123 / 410 closure in May... And it was so nice and warm out!
Elk gathering, there were at least 15 of them in this area of west hwy 12.
elk in the road
What are you looking at? This is my road.
elk resting in the meadow
North Cascades National Park - Washington
These photographs were taken early May 2009, I recommend taking your trip June through September. There was still a lot of snow in the first couple weeks of May
and some surrounding area roads were closed.  You will have the best views and easiest access to scenic stops if traveling east to west.
Diablo lake is the highlight of this trip. Photographers - I did not leave quite early enough in the day. Even though it was only 4 or 5 in the
afternoon, the sun was no longer high enough in the sky to hit all sides of the mountains. 10am to 3pm is probably the ideal time of day for this
and any other high mountain trip.
I took highway 20, the main highway through the Cascades. It tends to be
closed November through April. There is a three to four hour drive with no
stops - no towns, no gas, nothing!
There was one bathroom rest stop, but it was buried in 4 to 5 feet of snow!
The first gas station I saw was a shack-like structure in such a tiny town that it
had already hung its "closed" sign before I reached it at 6pm.
highway 20 northern cascades national park scenic highway loop
may snow buried bathroom restop closed in winter
Highway 20 runs along a river, so there are dams (and unfortunately power lines) running along it. The air out here is incredible, so be sure to roll
down your window and take a deep breath. You'll also be greeted with the pleasant sound of water falling as you pass small waterfalls on the
sides of the highway rock walls.
One thing I wish translated better into photographs is the
incredible distance. The depth may be lacking in this photo, but
check out this reaaaalllly zoomed in spot below. These cute little
islands are so nice, I wish you could get to them from here.
highway 20 North Cascades National Park loop
Towards the western section of highway 20 you will pass a couple
campground areas where you can access the river for small boating.
It was fairly warm, around 60 degrees in May. It was partly cloudy, and while taking pictures it started to rain and the sun kept poking out behind
the clouds. Pardon my mismatched looking panoramic stitching of 5 photos, but the lighting kept changing so fast! Check out this awesome
landscape though, above is the Western view, below the Eastern view from the Diablo Lake scenic stop.
deer photograph
You have to be careful driving in some areas, on the east end of
hwy. 20 (near Winthrop) I saw quite a few deer. It was getting
really close to dark outside. There are a lot of beautiful wild
flowers growing here.
deer photo
cascade mountain range washington travel pictures
Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee Washington - May 2009
This is a very small park. See it on the way back down from the North Cascades National Park loop, or north east of Mt Ranier National Park. For bigger parks
as a main destination, I recommend Portland's Japanese Gardens, Rose Gardens and Chinese Gardens.
This park overlooks the small city of Wenatchee, WA
If anyone is allergic to bees, there are quite a few buzzing around the
flowers here.
Ohme gardens rock steps asian style landscaping
Washington Ohme Gardens Yellow wildflowers picture
Enjoy the little things while you're here. Many interesting plants and wild flowers grow in Washington along the ground and under rocks.
fern plant photograph washington rock moss
violet ground flowers in washington picture
Lewisia Portulacaceae flowers pink rock ground washington
I love these pink flowers that grow between rocks
(Lewisia Portulacaceae)
Ohme Rd. park exit
Oregon Pacific Ocean Coastline (NW Ecola state park and Cannon Beach, about an hour and a half west of Portland, OR.)
pacific ocean Oregon coast photograph
Planning a trip to the beach is often tricky because in Portland it can be super hot / sunny, and such a short disance away it's cold / cloudy on the
coast. Which is what happened on this day I visited Cannon beach. (May 09')
cannon beach ecola park seaside oregon coast pacific ocean coastline picture
seagull pacific ocean Oregon coastline highway 101
There were quite a few seagulls swarming these little rock islands off the coast.
oregon coast ocean on highway 101
wild rabbit bunny picture
coastal hwy 101 oregon pacific ocean
coastal highway 101 farm pictures
Along the coastal highway 101 there are many small towns, antique shops, seafood, campgrounds, farms, scenic viewpoints.
A sunnier day trip Sep. 05'
pacific ocean oregon coast travel photoraphy pictures
Portland Oregon, Japanese Garden,  Rose Gardens, Zoo
All located in the same area of Portland (West side, within Washington Park) a fantastic way to spend a day!
Downtown Portland Oregon and Mt Hood Rose Garden view point picture
View of downtown Portland, OR and Mt. Hood from the Rose Gardens.
fat squirrel at Rose Garden Portland OR
There are many fat squirrels who are people friendly and ready to pose!
Japanese Garden in Washington Park Portland Oregon Photography
Japanese Garden Portland Oregon Shinto Shrine Picture
Rose gardens at washington park portland oregon pink rose flower photograph
There is an incredible variety of roses and other flowers here
Close up of the flowers that have grown over the gateway.
sunset rose
white rose
fuschia flowers photograph picture
Japanese Garden Portland Oregon
pink chrysthanthemum flower at Rose Garden Portland OR
For even more to see, right next to the Rose and Japanese gardens within Washington Park is the Portland Zoo:
The "Oregon Garden", local hwy and Silver Falls State Park
Silver Falls state park Oregon south waterfall walk under pictures
You get pretty close to all of the falls by following the trails, but this one you can even walk under the water!
The main interstate that runs north to south through OR is I-5, near Salem there is a small highway exit that makes a loop around Silver Falls state park and
the Oregon Garden in Silverton (15 miles apart, Hwy. 214) There seem to be less bugs towards the end of summer (Sep. vs. late May) and also more
flowers in bloom at the garden in Aug/Sep. There are 10 waterfalls throughout this park, a few are really short walks from the scenic highway stops. There
is also 25 miles of trails for hiking and nearby camping.
California Poppy orange flower picture Oregon
There is a lot of farm land on hwy. 214 before you reach the Oregon Garden and Silver Falls park. In May I saw a lot of poppy flowers along the
road. While many things were not yet in bloom at the garden, its still a beautiful trip no matter the time of year.
red poppy flower field picture photographs
pansy flowers
Iris flower
Oregon Garden highway 214 Silverton OR
Rhododendron mollis flowering tree picture
Rhododendron mollis tree bush flower photography
The Rhododendron Mollis (Azalia hybrid) tree had so many flowers on it!
Oregon Garden path trees photography flower pictures
This Peony tree was breathtaking and the flower was so huge! It was set back from the path about 10 - 15 feet (as seen in the picture above this to
the right.) Luckily, my camera has a great zoom (Panasonic Lumix TZ5) and this picture is only about 30% of the full size it captured.
Giant oak tree Oregon Garden picture
At the Oregon Garden there is a nice secluded path with tall old oak trees and a high point view of the landscape.
Peony flower picture tree floral photography
There are a lot of baby waterfalls throughout the park that line the sides of
the trails on the way to larger falls.
May 09' - Driving south on hwy. 214 i saw a field of purple-red. From the
distance it looked like someone had painted grass a new color. I was happy
to find it was a million red clover type flowers in bloom!
Redwood Forest, California Pacific Ocean Coastline and surrounding highways (May 29 2009)
In my attempt to make it to closer to the Redwoods for the next day, I was still
on hwy. 101 around midnight and stopped at a viewpoint. This was one of the
most scary and amazing stops, because it was so dark that all you could see
was the moon, stars and a trail of light hitting the ocean. The only sound was
the waves hitting the beach. Looking towards that trail of moonlight it seems to
go on forever. Within an hour or so the moon started to change into an orange
color when it set.
Dawn at the Pacific Ocean beach southern Oregon near California
Dawn at the Pacific Ocean off hwy. 101 in Southern Oregon getting close to California.
baby bunny
Queen Anne's Lace
People who live outside of CA may appreciate the mutant size of these Queen
Anne's Lace. They were as tall as me, I put my hand in the picture above to
give an idea of the size. Back in Michigan we had these as "weeds" in the
lawn, but they were so thin and short. I never knew they got so huge!
California poppy CA Poppies picture photograph flower
Octo-tree! Three photos tall.
Scenic road within Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Some of these trees
are a couple big truck/SUVs wide!
Tiny coastal scenic road within the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. For a few miles it becomes a dirt road about a single car width.
A stretch of unpaved road runs along the ocean. Here the fog was too heavy to see much, but there is a cliff and ocean to the
left within a couple feet of the road. You can't see where the sky ends and the ocean begins... It's just a big white fluffy abyss. I
felt like a big gust of wind could've knocked me off the world. Pretty scary.
Just below the fog line further up the coast on hwy. 101 where it runs along the ocean front.
Florida - Orlando area and Disney World
coming soon