CURRENT UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has emailed to wish me good health. I'm happy to report that my cancer is in full remission. The chemo and radiation
treatments have caused some side effects that may require me to take time off work in the future, when surgeries are scheduled there will be a complete shut down of this
website with several weeks advance notice (large notes will be placed on each page before such an event). A fundraiser event for the steep cost of medical care is under
way and will be updated with complete details of the current situation on the
art sale page.

I do not currently offer tax exempt or wholesale orders.

Scroll down the page for return policy, why I do not currently accept international orders, and other questions.
Short Biography - About the artist Kimberly Crick:

I don't believe you need a fancy studio, retail store or large warehouse to be a successful artist and business owner. A lot of people email me who are just starting up
their own store on with a few handmade jewelry items using my craft supplies - and that is exactly how I started too (but it was ebay back then.) It was exactly
what I needed to learn what sells and how to run a business before moving on to create this website. Sometimes the emails I get assume there is a team of employees
and a physical store front behind this site, which I am very happy to hear it appears that way, but it's just me at home :)

I have designated a portion of my bedroom to my artwork and business, in a small apartment I share with roommates.  I keep my expenses and overhead very low and do
my best to grow as an artist, and expand as a business, with the limited space and budget I have to work with. I strive to keep positive and portray success no matter what
my health and finances throw at me. I put a lot of time into this website and I really hope that you enjoy your visit.

Throughout high school I was envious of every artist I came in contact with. My cartoon figures were lacking in substance. At one point in my senior year I applied for the
advanced art class. I thought I could do better than the boring still life and shape drawing of Art 101... I was denied and told that my art was not good enough. Perhaps I
didn't have what it took to be an artist?

College came along and all of a sudden, I was free. The teachers didn't limit my subject matter. I learned some art history... and then it happened! I stumbled upon all that
is Art Nouveau (1890-1914) a style that inspires all of my artwork. "This is more like it" I thought, what brilliance I saw in Alphonse Mucha & Paul Berthon. Mythological art
before the newer, less magical, term "fantasy art" came along. The art of creating ornate images promoting an appreciation for nature, utilizing the natural curves of plant
life, and creating a magical scene not limited by everyday realism. To share creative techniques with others and to find an inner peace through this creativity became my
calling. I decided I had to work hard, I would find a way to express myself in such beautiful ways. I wanted to help bring a little magic back into the world through art. My
dream has taken many detours to get to this point.

I had just finished my sophomore year of college when I discovered I had cancer. It was stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, in my blood stream and it had spread from my
neck to pelvis. I had very subtle symptoms prior to this (just a few swollen lymph nodes) and was shocked at the severity of my disease. Then I quickly started developing
a nasty cough. When I checked into the hospital my left lung had collapsed and my heart was surrounded by fluid. I was struggling for breath for days, thinking I may
suffocate at any moment. I was given a high percentage terminal diagnosis and they did not believe I would live past that February 2004. My world became a question
mark. A pause, a very long pause...

But my mind was made up for me and something stronger than myself took over. I broke through the fear of living (and dying) and discovered a stronger passion than I
knew existed. The doctors started my blood transfusions to treat the weakness and anemia, and chemotherapy for the cancer, and my body immediately responded for
the better  Although much of my time was spent ill from cancer treatments, I had never felt better as a person. It's very hard for anyone who becomes seriously ill to be
productive. I was very lucky to have art as a skill; fortunately it is something I can do no matter how I feel. I’ve been very dedicated to my artwork, often leaning over to be
sick while painting.

When something so severe happens you really lose a lot of yourself. For me it happened to be a positive thing. In my early twenties I was not concerned about the things
that really made me happy. Life was all about working (I had a full time job at a bookstore, where I thought I would work for a long time) and personal relationships, school
etc. Although I lost all of that “normal” stuff when I got sick, it also gave me the freedom to be me, for me.

That's why The Enchanted Gallery was created. I had begun chemotherapy treatments and if I didn't feel like I was doing something meaningful the depression would
swallow me. Why bother going through these treatments, being sick all of the time, if my life was basically over? I also needed something to help with my medical
expenses, and this was my opportunity to work at home while I was ill. It's something that I have nurtured and grown over the years into the website you see today.

Well, I'm not sure if the art is what saved me, or if it was the hope that my life could be worth hanging on to. I just keep taking it one day at a time, trying to find those things
that make me happy. For all of you in similar situations, I wish you the strength to find your inner happiness. I am filled with joy from each email I receive from people with
illness or in recovery from an accident tell me how they've been passing their time with creativity to keep their spirits up. It helped me tremendously to feel productive
during the worst of my sick days. Making cards and gifts for others, then seeing their smiles and being asked "how did you do that?" gave me some cheer in otherwise
dark times.

I will not know the true long term outcome of my therapy for many years. My treatments were intense and caused some other minor ailments such as the shut down of my
thyroid, asthmatic lung sensitivities and some other radiation/chemo side effects, in addition to some relationship losses. I do not dwell on these things, I try to live and
create happiness day by day. I take time to do things I enjoy, I do bird watching and nature photography in my spare time. I appreciate my loved ones and pets. I say my
goodbyes and I love yous with sincerity, as I realize it may be the last time I speak to or see that person. I'm living with a purpose and everything seems more important
now, something I may have never known without cancer. I live without regret, making careful and meaningful decisions that help promote the things I love. Because I love
nature and animals, great care is taken to recycle, upcycle and minimize any waste from running a business. For me, art, creativity and love of nature have become the
answers to a happy life.

I love seeing everyone's imaginative creations as much as I love creating, though the balance is hard to find sometimes. Since I do all of the web work, packaging,
ordering, crafting of molds and other handmade items, there is often little to no time leftover for a personal creative outlet. Some nights if I'm too tired to create for myself, I
love to browse Pinterest and google images for art and craft projects. If you decide to turn your creative hobby into a business, do your best to allow time to create for
yourself. It is easy to get lost in all of the work and it takes a lot of effort to remain happy in self employment when the bulk of your time becomes just another job. I'm
currently working on a section for this website that I sell my original artwork, prints and jewelry made with prints to help keep myself painting.

Regardless of problems in life, I'm thankful that my passions are obvious to me now. By losing so much I have gained the most, a clarity, focus and peace I may have
never known without hardship. I wish you the best of luck finding your creative outlet and happiness.

Thank you for your support,
Kimberly Crick

Want to be notified of new items, art and tutorials posted to this site?
I do not currently have an email list, but there is a follow/subscribe option on Pinterest. It's also a good place just to go see pictures of all the new items added to my
website at

Frequently Asked Questions - Q&A:

Sorry, I am not currently taking any commissions for personalized artwork or molds at this time.

No returns
: All orders are guaranteed to be as described, in perfect condition, and marked as delivered to you by your mailman with online package tracking.

Refunds or replacements available only for defective items. Why? I am a very small business (just the artist Kimberly Crick working from my bedroom, and each mold
is handmade to order - just for you. I do not keep stock
. For all other items, only enough items to fill orders are purchased and the profit is immediately reinvested into
replacing the item or to bring in new products.
I'm still in the growing stages of this business, meaning barely breaking even with little investment power, therefore I
currently have a no returns policy
. Each item is inspected for quality before shipping, but of course if I have overlooked a defect please contact me as I will fix anything
that is not as advertised.
I strive to be an honest seller and every effort has been taken to write details of items and measurements included. Please read my Mold Info /
page before ordering to make an informed purchase, as I am unable to accept returns if a product is as described, but you changed your mind. It is often
many months before I sell certain items again, so I keep very limited supplies on hand. Thank you for understanding.

Shipping Method & Delivery Times (USA ONLY):
Typcially all orders will be delivered to you within 2 weeks from your order date.
Packages normally SHIP OUT within 2 to 10 business days via USPS. Orders ship via
USPS 1st class or Priority mail depending on the weight of your order. This time varies based on handmade items in your order, out of stock items, holidays or busy
times. USPS service
can take another 3 to 7 business days to DELIVER you. An email notice is sent from PayPal with your package's tracking information as soon as
your item is shipped.
Need your order fast? If your order is time sensitive, please email me at to see if it is possible to get your order by a
requested date.
Sorry, I do not do overnight or expedited shipping services.

How do you handle shipment damage or loss? If you received something damaged from USPS, and your order was over $50, I'd be happy to submit your application
for insurance claim to USPS
, but please be aware the refund will not be instant as we wait for them to acknowledge their mistake. However, this has never happened in
over 13 years of shipping dozens of packages weekly. I always package items carefully. Most cases of lost mail end up being resolved as misplaced packages by
roommates/relatives or misdelivery to neighbors that are resolved in a few days.
Email me immediately if any issue arises at

Lost orders that shipped 1st class uninsured: If your order was under $50 and never recorded as delivered to you, a replacement package may be sent after inquiring to
USPS on the status of your package and determining it as "lost". Email me immediately if any issue arises at

Double check your shipping address at checkout: I pack carefully and loss is rare, but I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged in transit (at the fault of
USPS.) If your mail man marks your item delivered, but you did not receive it, make sure you provided a correct address to me during checkout.
If you provide an incorrect
mailing address, a refund or re-shipment will only be provided when the package is returned to me after being refused by the person at the address you had it
mailed to.

"Help! My package is showing up as delivered but I didn't get it!" If you have already checked that your shipping address is correct by looking at your order email
receipt or the transaction details page on, and verified that no other family/resident has your mail, AND you've spoken to your mailman about the
package in question within a couple days of it being marked as delivered:
unfortunately neither I nor USPS can be held responsible for mail box theft after delivery and
you should report this to your local police ASAP in case other people have had problems in your neighborhood. I will be happy to file for an insurance claim for lost
package with USPS for you, however if they claim they delivered it to you, it is unlikely they will assume liability for a theft after they did their job. Talking to anyone else who
checks your mail, then your USPS mail delivery person about the status of your package using the tracking number you were emailed is always the best way to track down
a missing item. In cases of mis-delivered mail, waiting a week may result in the package being returned to me as incorrectly delivered, in which case a refund will be
made once I receive the goods.

Still have questions? Email:

Using my images on other websites/blogs:
All images copyright Kimberly Crick. You may use my digital images for personal, non-profit, non-commercial usage only. "Kimberly Crick" or "www.TheEnchantedGallery.
com" must remain on any images cropped/posted elsewhere. (Yes, this means you may post my images on other websites/blogs/galleries, as long as credit is given
and it's not for money.)


NO International shipping. I ship within the USA, including APO and PO Box addresses only.
Why no international trade?
There are many copyright laws in other countries that do not apply within the USA. Currently the UK, Australia and some European
countries do not have a "public domain" policy regarding art created before the year 1920. This means that a huge amount of the Art Nouveau theme rubber stamps and
art would violate copyrights if used outside of the USA. For example I allow crafter's to sell goods they create using my stamps or molds, but in their country they could get
in legal trouble or fined for doing so.

Why no international payments? Unfortunately due to PayPal (how I accept payment) and USPS (shipping) policies, I can not ship outside of the United States at
this time. One reason for this is PayPal's seller protection policy. It makes me financially responsible for these packages unless they can be tracked. They tell businesses
to factor these losses into planned expenses, but I'm not a large enough business to buffer this expense. The US Post Office also requires extra paperwork and hefty
postal charges. It's possible this policy may change in the future. For now I am required to provide proof of shipping and delivery which can be verified online by PayPal.

Why no international shipping? Currently, the US postal service does not provide tracking for packages outside of the states. USPS is the main service in the US
and is integrated into the PayPal system (I can pay for the postage right out of my PayPal account and have the mail man pick it up from my home). There are USPS
buildings within a couple miles of most homes, unlike other shipping companies, so it has not been convenient to find an alternative. In the future I may look into shipping
with Fed Ex or UPS if a convenient & affordable service with tracking is available in my area. If you would like to be notified if/when this option becomes available, you may
email me at:

EMAIL ME TO GET ON A NOTIFICATION LIST FOR NON-USA SHIPMENTS: I get a lot of emails and can not respond to them all. All international order queries are saved for
future response
. It is possible that this may be months/years until either PayPal and/or USPS change their policies or that I expand my business and hire help. I'm sorry I
do not have time to make exceptions to my policy right now.

The paypal shopping cart will automatically block international payments. Even if you'd like to ship your items to a US address, if
your credit card/bank is based in another country you will not be able to order:
I am not able to accept international orders at this time. If your bank account or credit card are based outside of the United States, PayPal will not allow you to add a
shipping address to your order that is outside of your home country. This means that when you order you would not be able to select your USA address, not even as a "gift
address" option. This is their policy, so it's automatically blocked before ordering can occur. Until changes their policy there is nothing I can do about
The only way around it is to have someone who has a United States account to place your order for you. This also applies to accounts initially created with a US
address but have a non-US funding source (any international credit card or bank account) attached to it.
PayPal determines your location based on your funds, not just
your address.


What's your telephone number so I can pay directly with my credit or debit card?
I do not have a business phone. Paypal is the only way for me to accept your credit card payment online. I do not have a credit card machine and could do nothing with
your credit card number directly. You do not need to register with paypal in order to use the shopping cart checkout.
You will need to provide an email address along
with your shipping information, but you do not need to "confirm" your account or sign up for anything with them. I accept unregistered and unverified paypal transactions
within the United States. If you have a credit card or checking account you can use their site as a secure "middle man" to pay for your order. This is the most popular and
trusted checkout system available.

Do I have to use the cart?
Can I give you my credit/debit card number to order directly instead of using the PayPal brand shopping cart system? No, sorry, I have no machine to be able to use
your account information that way.

Is paypal safe?
As THE leading auction payment site, affiliated with, you've probably already heard of them. They are a secure middle man for buyers and sellers online.
What they do is keep your information available to you only. I can never have access to your payment information. I only receive a notice that funds have been transferred to
my account.
They do not share credit card or bank account numbers with any sellers, I will not have access to any payment information you provide during
checkout. This also means I can't add any items to your order after checkout.

I don't have a PayPal account, can I pay?
Just click the checkout button in the shopping cart that says checkout - without a paypal account.
However, you won't get all the benefits of having an account: Most importantly being able to see your transactions, list of the items you ordered, the address you
shipped it to, the tracking of shipments etc.
If you create a PayPal account with them (email/password log in) you are saved from having to enter your payment
information each time you shop with someone who accepts paypal. This greatly reduces your risk of identity theft or having your personal information forwarded by
insecure servers or computer viruses.
Even large companies such as yahoo and dell ( computers offer paypal as a payment option!
I personally think it's a lot safer than mailing a check or money order. With Money Orders you also run the risk of a seller claiming they never received it/it was
stolen/cashed by someone else etc. Paypal provides a safe middle man with buyer protection, requiring that I provide proof that I shipped your item, otherwise the
transaction can be easily undone. This way, there are no worries about handing me money and goods never being shipped out.

About mailed payments:
I do not accept any orders or payment methods other than through this website's PayPal shopping cart system. There is an option to pay via E-Check, a digital version of a
real check using the numbers on your check, if you need to pay from your bank account. Just use the shopping cart system to find that option at checkout.

About Taxes, Personal Use Tax or Tax Exempt Businesses:
I do not currently have a filing or shopping cart system capable of voiding tax collection. Currently all orders placed with a Florida shipping address will automatically
collect sales tax. All other states are not collected from, those states are considered personal use tax (individuals are required to report the purchase amount they did
NOT pay taxes on when they file their normal yearly taxes). Legally speaking, there is no such thing as a tax free purchase. If you are buying something for resale, and the
tax is to be paid by the end-user, your tax exemption can be applied for through your state if you wrongly paid sales tax.

About WHOLESALE or bulk orders/volume discount pricing:
I am not able to provide any further discounts aside from the current specials/sales/bulk quantity packs already shown on this website.


Can you make a custom design for me?
As of August 2006 I am designing my own rubber stamp line. I do not own a vulcanizer (rubber stamp making machine) and I can NOT do requests. If you are
interested in making your own rubber stamp designs, I highly recommend the company "
Picture My Stamp." You can check out their pricing here: http://www.
I am an angel company, meaning you can sell artwork made with my rubber stamps, as long as they are handmade. No machine reproduction of images please.

What mounting technique do you recommend? / How do I use unmounted stamps?
It depends on the size of rubber stamps you have. If you're using domino size stamps I would recommend using them unmounted. Just trim out each individual image
(leaving about 1/8" around the edges, taking care not to undercut with your scissors.) I use mine by laying the stamp, design side up on a sturdy table, ink them with
StazOn ink and press my domino onto them.

If you have other (larger than the 1" x 2" size) stamps I would recommend getting sticky foam sheets with a cling surface on one side. That way you only ever need one
acrylic block for all of your rubber stamps.  You can get acrylic blocks in a variety of sizes (and low prices) at your local JoAnns or Michaels craft stores (I haven't seen the
sticky cushion there, though if you're feeling creative theres lots of ways to make your own with craft foams/sticky tapes etc.) More info and pictures can be found on my -
How to use unmounted stamps page.

My molds are very flexible and can be used without a release agent (such as water or corn starch normally used with stiff molds) your material should pop right out when
you flex the edges. If you have really sticky clay, try setting it in your freezer for 10 min (with the clay in the mold, this will help it become firm.)
A lot of information about the molds, including materials you can use with them, how deep they are, step by step usage pictures, etc. can all be discovered on the
Customer Art Gallery. Mold Info and Intsructions Page.

About selling art made with my molds / copyright info:
You may sell any artwork you make with my molds, including plain cabs, to parts of your art project, etc. You may publish your art or display it online without permission.
***PLEASE DO NOT use your impressions (the image you made using a mold) to MAKE NEW MOLDS FOR RESALE, as some of my images are my own copyrighted
designs, others have been commissioned by other artists and carvers who have only granted me usage permission because of my payment to them.*** If you make
molds for sale with my copyrighted designs I will have them removed through your web service/ebay. Remember,
you always have permission to make anything other
than new molds with my items :)

Where do the carvings come from?
Some of my carvings (such as many of the Nature Spirits) were purchased from a supplier who commissions designs directly from his carvers in Bali. These are ordered
by me as one of a kind carvings with permission from the seller for my craft use. There are also many faces which are carved by me on this website, and a few art
nouveau replica pieces which are past their copyright domain. There is no copyright violation for your jewelry making/crafts, but there is for making master molds.
Because I only sell molds (the craft supplies) I am happy to allow you to sell finished projects made with them.

Click here to read my "Angel Policy" - What it means and examples of things you CAN freely make to sell with my products.

My  "Angel Company Policy" applies to The Enchanted Gallery's exclusive rubber stamps and molds only. Updates: you can follow to be notified or just see what has
been newly added to this website on
Pinterest.  Just placed an order, have a question about shipping time, or package tracking? See the after-order info page here.
Need to
contact me? Email:
Now on the road to health and happiness - Doing my best to make time to have fun, do the things I enjoy most such as painting, photography, and staying healthy!
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changes the
amount of time in
USPS possession by 1-2 business days.
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: you can follow to be notified or just see what has been newly added to this website on Pinterest.  Just placed an order, have a question about shipping
time, or
package tracking? See the after-order info page here. Need to contact me? Email:
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