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This page contains Ice Resin, open back pendant bezels, color tints, inclusions etc. for your DIY resin crafting and jewelry making.
Moon and stars
pendant tray
approx. 32x11x2mm
inner area. The attached
bail opening is about
6x4mm, wide enough to
accommodate most
chains or cords.
Clearance sale
¢ about 10 left
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dollhouse mixed media art doll charms banner faces hands beads skull wings crown
Looking for more charms and other jewelry making supplies?
Flower beads, leaf charms, glass vials, terrarium craft, flower soft, moss, diorama supplies.
Try me size plunger of Ice Resin - Jewelry grade crystal clear resin in a push-syringe makes it
quick and easy to mix equal parts of the two liquids into a disposable cup, stir, pour into your
bezel with your charms/glitter/photos/other inclusions. Mix a little or a lot at a time. Depending on
applied thickness and bezel size, each kit can fill at least 4 to 8 bezels depending on size and
thickness of application.

Hold upright so any air bubbles go to the top before squeezing the syringe, that way equal parts
of each liquid come out. Mix thoroughly in a plastic cup. Toothpick remove any bubbles within 30
minutes. Dry in about 12 hours.
Open back metal frame pendants for filling with
transparency prints, glitter, dried flowers, leaves,
polymer clay, beads etc. embedded in resin.
Reversible designs unless noted as having a front and
There is
no backing on these frames. Packing tape
or contact paper can be used to seal the back of the
pendant as you work with your liquid.
Could also be
used with wire wrapping, sewing or other creative
techniques that require an open hollow frame shape.

Pendants with a closed back can be found on the
pendant trays and necklace chains page.
Cameo setting fern silver pendant tray blank bezel oval open blank
$1.99 each Clearance sale
0.99¢ - About 30 left in stock
Open back frame pendant for ice resin bezel tray for mixed media jewelry making rectangle bronze
Bronze rectangle frame, reversible,
with inner 20x30mm area, 4mm
0.95¢ each sale 0.79¢
diamond bezel open back resin cabochon pendant tray necklace jewelry making supplies ice resin
Open back elongated diamond
with berries, two loops for
hanging. Approx. 51x24mm at
its widest points, 1mm deep
with 2mm back lip for glued

SALE clearance 0.79¢
about 20 left in stock.
domino game tiles letter scrabble tri-omino dog tags wood acrylic flat beads to rubber stamp paint collage and image transfer jewelry
Fern leaf shape pendant tray with oval opening measuring approx.
14x20mm inside. Has a rim edge to glue polymer clay or cameo.
flexible polymer clay push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools mica powders perfect pearls metal foil gold leafing gilding flakes
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Jewelry glass domes, beads, charms, terrarium craft, containers, ornaments, miniature garden, Flower Soft, Diorama supplies
30mm x 4mm deep bronze open ring pendant for resin jewelry making diy
Unique arched rhombus shape wire frame connector link silver pendant can be used for coated paper resin jewelry.
Bronze finish metal ring
pendant open 30x4mm
area 0.99¢ each
Sale 0.89¢
each when you
10 for $8.90
Unique arched diamond shape wire frame
connector link silvertone pendant.
area measures 24x26x2mm
0.69¢ each
sale 0.49¢ - last 15 in stock
35x8mm non reversible pipe ring $1.49 each
no longer manufactured, limited quantity
available, approx number on hand as noted.
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Open back resin tray pendant blank studded circle round 4mm deep bezel cup setting
Studded hobnail ring with larger 12mm wide inner opening
that is 4mm deep
, and a smaller sideways facing loop 2mm
opening for hanging. Tiny open back tray for resin art earrings
or use as a pendant hanger using the large opening with
ribbons/scarf w/charms attached to the smaller loop with a
jump ring.
Package of 10 for $2.99
Smaller rectangle frame with thicker walls
and curved outer edges, 16x26x4mm inner
area. 0.99¢ each
sale 0.79¢
29mm square deep open back 8mm thick frame pendant for ice resin and polymer clay jewelry making
Deep bronze square frame
$1.99 each - about 10 left
Stardust star pattern silver pendant tray open back ice resin polymer clay setting round channel bezel
Star pattern open back channel ring with
four loops for hanging chains, beads and
charms. Measures about 43mm wide and
4mm thick outer total, 33 to 35mm inner area
with a 2mm deep channel along the inside
edges to secure resin, clay or glued items.
0.99¢ each
Clearance 0.49¢ about
30 pieces available
Deep bronze oval open back ring frame pendant tray bezel setting for ice resin polymer clay glitter mixed media artwork jewewlry
Deep bronze oval frame $1.99
about 8 left
Open back frame Cat Kitty Kitten shape pendant great for ice resin or wire wrapping techniques. Available in silver, copper and bronze metal.
Larger open frame Cat pendant 0.99¢ each -
or buy 9 get 1 free - 10 for $8.91
Lg Cat Options
Open back pendant tray ice resin bezel setting for dried flowers bronze pipe ring 35mm wide 8mm deep wall well
Ice resin and Japanese Maple leaf tree nature theme bronze necklace with open back rectangle pendant tray setting
Double connector loop open back pendant tray two-links make it easy to use with dangling beads, as earrings or bracelet trays for filling with ice resin, dried flowers, gold leaf, glitter etc.
23x8mm double-connector loops pipe ring
$1.39 each
Opening fits all chain
These trays have a forward facing 2-3mm loop that requires a jump ring to hang from your choice of chain or cord necklace.
Open back pocket watch style pendant tray blank for ice resin glitter dried flower crafts diy jewelry making supplies
Pocket watch rectangle blank pendant tray bezel open back for clear ice resin embed glitter gold leaf dried pressed flowers
30mm circle frame open-back bronzetone
pocket watch pendant $2.99
sale $1.99 each -
about 10 available
30x40mm rectangle open-back bronzetone
pocket watch pendant $2.99
sale $1.99
each - about 10 available
Teardrop shape open back bead charm silver earrings DIY paper ice resin setting collage stained glass
Antique silvertone open-back teardrop frame
with hole at top. Great for thin resin coated paper
collage, hanging beads or as earrings.
0.39¢ - about 20 left in stock.
Shipping and store policy information The Enchanted Gallery online art and crafts store
Antique Silver rectangle open back pendant frame blank for ice resin wire wrrapping or sewing and cloth mixed media art diy jewelry making
Sale 0.89¢ each
when you buy
for $8.90
Antiqued Silvertone
rectangle 0.99¢ each
Shiny silver plated oval pipe ring open back pendant or earrings blank setting for ice resin
Shiny silver oval $1.49 -
about 5 in stock
Shiny silver plated metal pipe ring pendant open back setting for ice resin transparent effects use contact paper or tape for backing until your resin cures
Shiny silver smooth
0.99¢ each
Sale 0.89¢
each when you
10 for $8.90
Shredded clear and iridescent mylar plastic film
for adding an opal sparkle to crafts and
jewelry projects.
3"x4" bag about 0.5oz. $1.99
Ice Resin 25ml (1 ounce)
try-me size syringe
Copper open back pipe ring pendant for ice resin bezel setting pendant tray
Gunmetal metallic black pipe ring necklace pendant bezel blank open back for ice resin
0.99¢ each
Sale 0.89¢
each when you
10 for $8.90
0.99¢ each
Sale 0.89¢
each when you
10 for $8.90
Fern leaf real flower pressed leaves in ice resin pendant open back bezel setting tray necklace
Example using ice resin
and leaf that had been
dried flat between pages
of a book.
Last chance items (discontinued). Limited stock items as noted, 20 or less, if your order is for more than in stock, the out of stock quantity will be refunded:
Bronze xl square limited edition open back frame for resin ornament pendant necklace dried flowers art DIY jewelry
XL Bronze square
34x34x6mm inner
$2.99 each
about 10 available
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Ice Resin tint dye color raw ruby yarrow beryl lolite hacienda ancient root
Liquid color to add into your resin during mixing. Can be combined for your own custom colors (such as blue+red=purple)  $4.79 each:
Resin pendant four leaf clover lucky pressed flower in ice resin with blue color tint dye
Phone books
are great for
flower pressing.
Inclusions - small materials to embed into your resin, glue onto craft projects or into pendant blank trays:
Open back frame pendants:
Resin casting products (a clear 2 part liquid that starts to harden within about 30 minutes of mixing, allowing items to be sealed into a glass-like
appearance). Ice resin or EnviroTex brand jewelry resin kits and dye color tints:
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
Sophisti Wrap is a thin mylar plastic giftwrap with 3 folded 18"x30" sheets per package. Opal: Transparent (clear) plastic film with a colorful shine (iridescent
purple, pink, orange, green).
Silver: Opaque (not see-through) metallic mirror effect lightweight plastic sheets. $1.99
Gold pipe ring pendant open back bezel for ice resin encased flowers glitter DIY jewelry making supplies
Golden 0.99¢
Sale 0.89¢
each when you
10 for $8.90
Resin crafting troubleshooting and tips:

If you scratch your finished resin piece, or have sticky resin due to it not being mixed right/humid weather: You can fix it by either mixing a new resin layer to
apply on top or by spraying a glossy sealer over the surface (such as Krylon gloss UV protection in a spray can).

When putting paper photographs/art prints into resin the paper becomes translucent or splotchy: The resin is absorbing into the paper. You need to seal
the paper with a paper sealer such as Ice Resin's paper sealer or Mod Podge type product first. Use a paint brush to apply the sealer to front, back and edges
of your paper pieces.

My resin is starting to turn yellow over time: All jewelry grade resin contains UV resistant chemicals, but they are not strong enough to resist extended periods
of time in direct sunlight, jewelry worn in water, or containing materials that weren't dry when you cast the piece (such as a damp flower).

Ideas to try: You can add acrylic paint designs onto your dried resin with a paint brush, then seal it with spray sealer or another layer of resin. You can also use
paint to color film transparency prints (clear plastic acetate sheets for your printer/projector or rubber stamped images) to embed inside your resin.
Tools, sealers and glues:
Tweezers $1.99 - Ideal for
careful placement of paper
inserts, glitter, beads,
charms etc. into wet resin.
Keep tools used with
resin/glues dedicated to
craft use only.
Iced Enamels Ice Resin Ranger brand disposable paint brushes angled soft hair bristle glue adhesive sealer applicator
Ice Resin paper sealer to prevent absorbtion of resin into paper projects causing transparent splotches
Opal wrapping paper and rubber stamped fern leaf in resin bronze pendant tray
Extra deep trays for holding thicker items such as polymer clay, collage, charms, beads and more embedded in resin or glued.
Inexpensive disposable paint brushes
for rough jobs such as applying glue,
resin and sealers to your projects.
Package of 6 angled brushes for $1.99
Ice Resin brand paper sealer in
a 1oz hard plastic bottle.
sealer is meant to be
paint-brushed onto paper
prints/cut out shapes before
placing into your resin projects.
This prevents the paper from
absorbing resin which causes
transparent splotchy effects.

Long rectangle frame silver pendant tray open back setting bezel for ice resin DIY jewelry making
Long rectangle frame bronze pendant tray open back setting bezel for ice resin DIY jewelry making
Maple leaf bronze pendant tray open back setting bezel for ice resin DIY jewelry making
Maple leaf silver pendant tray open back setting bezel for ice resin DIY jewelry making
Current specials: The following overstocked items are temporarily available at lower discount pricing for bulk quantities.
Maple leaf frame $1.59 each or 30% off ($1.11ea) 10 pack $11.13
Maple Options
Silvertone long rectangle with curved inner edges
$1.59 each
30% off ($1.11ea) 10 pack $11.13
$1.59 each
30% off ($1.11ea) 10 pack $11.13
Bronzetone long rectangle with curved inner edges
Bronze leaf floral shape open back frame pendant or earrings setting bezel for ice resin jewelry making
Open back diamond shape pendant earrings frame for ice resin DIY jewelry making supplies
Open back frame pendant silver leaf nature shape for resin craft jewelry making supplies
Silver moon open back frame shape pendant or earrings setting bezel for ice resin
Small car frame open back setting for resin ideal for earrings matching larger kitty pendant option
Smaller cat frame
0.89¢ each or 10
pack $7.90
Sm Cat Options
Moon frame 0.89¢ each or 10 pack $7.90
20 pack $9.99 (.49ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
leaf frame
20 pack $9.99 (.49ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Rectangle shape frame silver open back bezel setting for transparent effects resin glitter dried flowers collage stained glass jewelry
Triangle open back frame pendant or earrings resin setting bezel jewelry making supplies
Heart pendant tray open back silver frame setting for resin transparent effects bezel jewelry
Silver teardrop pendant earrings blank setting frame for ice resin transparent dried flowers DIY jewelry making supplies
Heart frame 0.89¢ each or 10 pack $7.90
Heart Options
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
0.99¢ each
10 pack $8.90
20 pack $11.80 (.59ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Silvertone teardrop frame - as low as (.59ea) per 20
Bronze butterfly frame pendant tray setting for ice resin transparent effect DIY jewelry making supplies
Bronze crescent moon shape pendant frame with open back for resin transparent jewelry earrings
Silver open back butterfly shape frame setting for ice resin transparent effect DIY jewelry making supplies
Open back silver perfume bottle bezel setting for ice resin transparent effect preserve pressed flowers and leaves nature art
Triangle open back gold frame pendant or earrings resin setting bezel jewelry making supplies
each or
pack $7.90
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
20 pk $11.80 (.59ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
0.99¢ each
10 pack $8.90
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Butterfly frame 0.99¢ each or 10 pack $8.90
Butterfly Options
0.99¢ each
10 pack $8.90
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Open back angel wings pendant or earrings tray for resin DIY jewelry making charm
Open back pendant tray oval bronze setting ideal for DIY resin jewelry making supplies wire wrapping
Open back oval pendant frame for resin preserved flowers and leaves art
Open back frame charm silver tiny house building home earrings pendant resin wire wrapping DIY
0.89¢ each
10 pack
Wing frame (single) 0.89¢ each or 10 pieces $7.90
Wing Options
Open back angel wings charm bead earrings great for resin glitter inclusions
oval frame
0.89¢ each
10 pieces $7.90
oval frame
0.89¢ each
10 pieces $7.90
Bronze open back square diamond shape frame for ice resin transparent effect jewelry DIY
0.99¢ each
10 pieces $8.90
Cherry blossom flower pendant open back silver resin bezel charm asian sakura bead
Silver bird cage charm open back pendant tray earrings setting for resin jewelry making supplies beads
20 pack $11.80
20 pack $11.80
hand fan
10 pack
Fan Options
Bird cage 0.89¢ each or 10
pieces $7.90
Bird Cage Options
each or
pack $7.90
Multi loop
0.89¢ each or
10 pack $7.90
Great size for earrings, example art using ice resin to
seal opal flakes found below.
Stainless steel craft tweezers ice resin tool for placement of small charms paper prints transparency inserts jewelry making supplies nail glue
Open back bronze teardrop earrings setting for resin transparent effects DIY jewelry making charm bead frame
Open back bronze rectangle long bezel setting for transparent effects with resin crafting preserved flowers dried leaves jewelry making supplies
Bronze resin setting open back triangle pennant bezel pendant or earrings charm bead frame jewelry making supply
Sm n Lg frames can be used to create
earrings and matching necklace sets.
Open back bronze diamond shape frame for resin crafting jewelry making great for earrings or pendant necklace supply
These small sculptures fit into most pendant trays
for mosaics and are an ideal size inclusion for
resin jewelry. No holes.

0.19¢ each
Half-dome faux pearls (flat back white acrylic with
pearlescent sphere top) for glue-on or resin crafts.

2.5mm size: 100 pack 0.89¢
4mm size 100 pack 0.99¢
Reversible tiny metal seahorse miniature doll house art resin supply inclusion fish tank ocean theme
Inclusion Styles
Open back bronze heart frame ideal for ice resin transparent effect pendant necklace making jewelry supply DIY
Miniature dragonfly mini bug glue on metal embellishment for jewelry making resin domino pendants etc
Wood heart shape laser cut with LOVE word flat back glue on or resin inclusion craft DIY embellishment
Golden metal leafing flakes 3g bag $7.99
Metal leaf flakes gold gilding with ice resin lolite tint color dye open back transparent bezel setting pendant
Gold leaf flakes with dried pressed flowers in open back transparent rectangle box silver setting pendant DIY jewelry
Metal leaf flakes are lightweight and highly reflective,
ideal for mixing into your wet resin jewelry.
Ice resin faux opal flakes in transparent angel wing earring bezel setting trays DIY craft supply
Teardrop frame earrings for resin opal flakes rubber stamped pine tree white snow winter christmas costume jewelry DIY project
Bronzetone teardrop - as low as (.59ea) per 20
Teardrop frames are a great size for
earrings. (Example art above, not for
sale, was created using rubber
stamped transparency over opal flakes
in ice resin.)
2mm white pearl half dome glue on cabochon embellishment for jewelry and craft projects supply
Glue on pearls half dome flat bottom for jewelry making supplies or greeting card craft embellishment art supply
Pearl Size
gold leaf iron filigree lightweight charm layering bead jewelry supply
gold leaf earrings
Cutting charms to fit into pendant trays ice resin inclusion embellishments
Durable, yet flexible and thin
metal charms can be cut
with scissors to fit into your
pendant tray.

Also ideal for charm
layering, clothing accents or
earrings where the goal is
to have lightweight jewelry
you don't notice wearing.
Metal leaf silver lightweight charm bead resin inclusion embellishment
Leaf charm flexible light stackable bead jewelry making supplies earrings inclusions embellishment
Flexible charm options:

dark silvertone leaf charm
pack of
5 for 0.99¢ or 25 for $3.99

Other styles (Small leaves and
charm pack of 10 for
or Bulk Sale 50 for $3.99
Thin Charm Options
Teardrop open back frame ice resin glass glitter silver dragonfly charm earrings DIY
Art Ingredients by Prima Marketing glass glitter, shiny chunky shards ideal for use as resin inclusions.
Cat open back frames earrings necklace pendant DIY resin kitty kitten shape wire wrapping supply
Cherry Blossom Sakura flower shape silver frame open back ice resin bezel charm bead earrings
Bronze open back ring pendant hanger or resin transparent open back bezel earrings DIY jewelry making supplies
Dimpled silver scarf pendant ring hanger connector link or resin open back setting for earrings
Dimpled rings can be used as a
pendant hanger (scarf/ribbon
through large hole, use a jump
ring in small loop to a
charm/focal bead) or as an
open back setting. Small size
good for resin earrings.
example art jewelry project earrings pendant open back ice resin frame opal flakes metal leaf
Example idea for earrings
or small pendant.
Bronze bird cage open back setting for ice resin pedants or earrings DIY jewelry making supplies
Ice resin tints color dye 2017 new amethyst rose quartz emerald and turquoise DIY jewelry
Four new
colors have
been added
in 2017.

$4.79 each:
Terrium dome shape bell open back bronze pendant for ice resin DIY jewelry making bezel setting
0.99¢ each
10 pieces $8.90
Real dried flowers and leaves in ice resin terrarium dome pendant open back with pinecone charm
Example using
dried flowers
and leaves in
ice resin.

charm from
beads page.
Antique silver open back pendant frame for ice resin hollow rectangle bead charm pendant earrings bezel setting
Antiqued Silvertone
frame 0.95¢
sale 0.79¢
Above = stronger, smooth edge metal with thicker hanging loop connection point.
New lower price silvertone pipe ring pendant bezel settings for ice resin
Sale 0.79¢
each when you
10 for $7.90
Silver - sold out
Variegated leaf (colorful heat reaction on metal, no paints or dyes) 2x5" piece
in small 1" plastic screw top jar. May come out in flakes from being crumpled,
as metal leafing is extremely thin and lightweight. Apply with glue to
art,crafts,sculpture or use in flake form inside resin for jewelry projects.
0.99¢ per jar - there are about 5 jars of each color available in stock.
Golden flexible lightweight sequin charm for resin earrings clothing fashion design DIY
Gold open back pendant tray frame bezel for ice resin transparent stained glass effect dried pressed flowers DIY jewelry bead
Golden rectangle frame 18x27x3mm
inner area. 0.99¢ each
sale 0.79¢
Vintage glass glitter metallic copper silver gold lava black
Veriegated metal leaf foil sheet flakes in jar for resin inclusion polymer clay art crafts
gold glass glitter chunky shards metal inclusion for ice resin jewelry making supplies
2oz jar of glass glitter $5.99 - last 1 left in stock
Lava black
Antique silver fish charm with hole bead or use as ice resin inclusion ocean theme art mixed media projects
Small silver spoon scooper bead charm hanging tool for glitter sand resin and detail applications
Silvertone metal spoon with
hanging loop
0.49¢ each.
Bulk sale
10 for $2.99
Antiqued silvertone
metal fish charms
package of 20 for
Spoon Qty
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Moon Options
Pirate skull and cross bones sea mermaid ocean theme jewelry inclusion for resin polymer clay
Bronze-golden gradient
Variegated gold
Variegated copper
Silver - stock: 7 or less
Bronze - stock: 23 or less
Copper - stock 28 or less
seahorse pearl mermaid necklace ship anchor resin lolite ice resin dye additive
bronze boat anchor nautical mermaid ocean theme resin open back bezel setting
matte silver frosted limited edition boat anchor mermaid nautical resin bezel
ship steering wheel bronze stern boat nautical ocean theme mermaid jewelry diy
Matte Silver
finish anchor
anchor frame
Bronze boat
steering wheel
great for ocean,
mermaid and pirate
theme jewelry.

$1.29 each
sold out
sold out
sold out
Silvertone - stock: 150 or less
Bronzetone - sold out
Coppertone - stock: 40 or less
Clam Shell
Clam Shell
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
10 pack $7.90
0.89¢ each
Open back bronze bezel pendant frame setting for ice resin or wire wrapping ocean mermaid theme
Mermaid ocean theme art clam shell silver open back frame pendant for ice resin
<-- Open back project idea:

Other than filling with resin, open back
frame pendants can also be used for
wire wrapping, sewing or thread to
hang polymer clay art,  beads or
picture frame open back bezel setting resin supplies jewelry making setting necklace earrings diy
Ornate picture frame rectangle open back ice resin stain glass wire wrap jewelry making supplies
Silvertone thin
ornate picture
20 pack $11.80 (.59ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Goldtone thin
ornate picture
20 pack $11.80 (.59ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Bunny rabbit silver open back ice resin setting pendant earrings bezel jewlry making bead charm
20 pack $9.99 (.49ea)
0.89¢ each
10 pack $7.90
Love Loyalty and Freedom symbol heart with crown and wings silver open back pendant charm bead
Open back kitty cat head shape silver pendant setting bezel for art resin and beading
Silvertone sale 0.99¢ each
Silvertone sale 0.89¢ each