Art deco glam movie star elegant fashion rubber stamp unmounted stamps set
Astrology Astrological Zodiac Signs Symbols rubber stamps stamp set
Art Deco fairy mermaid rubber stamp sheet for domino, bookmark and card making.
Geisha japanese asian oriental rubber stamps unmounted set card making origami woman
Greek Mythology rubber stamps, unmounted rubber stamp Goddess, myth, fantasy art, Greek Sphinx, Medusa
Large $22.99
Six Art Deco Fairy & Mermaid Stamps
Seven Glamorous Flapper Women Set
Six Stamps Greek Mythology Theme Set
Small $10.99
Small $10.99
Small $10.99
Small $10.99
Five Japanese Geisha Rubber Stamps
Small $10.99
Fourteen mermaid rubber stamps
Large $22.99
Fourteen fairy rubber stamps
Large $22.99
Thirteen Art Nouveau women stamps
Large $22.99
Thirty-one 1" x 2" domino art rubber stamps!
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Gustav Klimt rubber stamps set spiral swirl art deco
Five Gustav Klimt Style Rubber Stamps.
Small $10.99
Large $22.99
Rubber stamp sheets for making art dolls. Variety of faces and collage parts for mermaids, fairies and more. Many sizes inluding simple line
designs for impressing polymer clay face cabs, 1" wide faces for stamping in bottle caps for altered art and scrapbooking accents, detaled faces
for paper and cloth stamping etc.
Doll templates and instructions here.
Fifteen Klimt style mermaids & detailed old
fashion story book engravings:
An entire upper and lowercase alphabet set
for scrapbooking, art dolls, collage etc.
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Seventeen stamps featuring 7 pairs of wings,
two heads and a leafy skirt for your paper art
doll making.
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Eight small Art Nouveau stamps for
bamboo tile beads/mini domino jewelry etc.
Eleven Day of the Dead theme stamps
Small $10.99
Small $10.99
Sixteen Queens, magical women, Goddess
and nature fairy images:
Fourteen stamps featuring nature Goddess
collage faces, flower fairies, leaf wings and
swirly background pattern.
Twenty-one stamps for your fairy special
Twenty-seven 1" x 2" double six domino
sized stamps.
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Seven floral and decorative pattern
stamps with bold lines for domino, UTEE,
memory glass or clay pendants etc.
Small $10.99
Art Nouveau mini vintage women bamboo tile mini domino bracelet rubber stamps
Day of the Dead Mexican Holiday Skeleton Halloween type rubber stamps
Modern fashion women artsy rubber stamp fine art illustration
Four modern women rubber stamps
UTEE memory glass pendant pattern texture rubber stamps
mermaid mermaids rubber stamp set, unmounted stamps sea goddess
fairy fairies faery faeries rubber stamps, unmounted stamp set, flower fey, art nouveau
Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha rubber stamps, stamp set decorative women, vintage woman, poster art, card making, aceo, atc
Domino rubber stamps, dominoes pendant stamp set, art nouveau women
Art doll faces and buttons rubber stamps, rubber stamp set, dolls face, wax seals, polymer clay stamped buttons
Bird spring theme rubber stamps birds flowers clouds rainbow deer
Thirty-five art doll faces & button
rubber stamps
Twenty-nine animals, scenery & spring
theme art stamps
domino art greeting card bookmark rubber stamps
Eighteen Art Nouveau floral women in
domino and artist trading card sizes.
rubber stamping on dominoes with alcohol ink
Twenty-nine domino pendant size rubber
stamps of Art Nouveau ladies, accents &
decorative backgrounds.
rubber stamped paper tag charms background hand writing
Twenty-six domino sized portrait &
backgrounds for using these stamps for
domino + paper charms.
Queen Goddess Fairy Dryad Medusa Fantasy Art Magical Mystical Women
Nature spirits fairies fey dryad animal guides unique native american rubber stamp set
Twenty-two nature spirits, fairies, floral
designs for domino art and collage.
Art doll altered paper dolls collage mermaid tail face rubber stamps
Fairy queen paper art doll collage rubber stamps with a variety of inch faces wings
Fairy tale story book illustration mermaid rubber stamps collage ocean artwork
Alphabet collage rubber stamp set scrapbook scrap booking letters background collage
Wings rubber stamp set paper art doll fairy wing collage
Flower fairy vintage victorian face collage rubber stamps
Fairy Fantasy Art Rubber Stamps Faery Fairies
Art Nouveau goddess fairy women domino rubber stamps
Bold fashion women stripes domino rubber stamps jewelry fancy hats glam
Twenty-nine 1" x 2" double six domino sized
Large $22.99
Small $10.99
rectangle nestabilities long bookmark fairy stickles glitter glue
Want to make some extra money from your
Enjoy my Angel Company Policy -
you may sell art you make using my rubber

Feel free to sell your jewelry, greeting cards,
bookmarks, ATC / ACEO and any other
handmade artwork. I recommend trying
something like
domino pendants or paper
art dolls
for sale on your own website, etsy,
ebay, craft fairs or through your social
Art Nouveau fairy dryad rubber stamps domino pendants crafts
ATC Stampbord ACEO stampboard rubber stamped clay coated board wall hanging
ATC ACEO Artist Trading Card background rubber stamps pattern patterned paper collage
Patterns for making your own decorative
papers and artist trading card backgrounds.
Large $22.99
Domino game tile piece double six magnet rubber stamp birds in a tree branch
Paper doll parts rubber stamps art doll collage queen heads legs
fairy rubber stamps domino pendant 1
Small $10.99
Fancy ladies and patterns for your altered art,
collage and paper doll making!
Large $22.99
Keerng Ebay Sales paper art doll rubber stamped flower fairy atc aceo
Astrology Zodiac fairy mermaid fantasy art rubber stamps
Copic Marker Marvy LePlume II or Tombow coloring rubber stamp set for card making
Poppy Art Nouveau fairy queen rubber stamps domino pendant jewelry
Domino fairy, mermaid, fantasy art zodiac signs
Medium $16.99
Fun to color women and flowers set.
Eleven stamp poppy flower theme set:
Medium $16.99
Medium $16.99
bouquet roses bloom orchid leaves leaf rubber stamp set for aqua painter reinker or water brush technique
Fourteen  flowers and leaves rubber stamps
Medium $16.99
"Small" $10.99 stamp set = 4.25"t. x 5.5"w.
"Medium" $16.99 stamp set  = 5.75"w. x 8.75"t.
"Large" $22.99 stamp set = 8.25"w. x 10.5"t.
Rubber sheets come in one of three sizes:
Gemini astrology pendant zodiac jewelry rubber stamp domino necklace
pattern flower flora fairy rubber stamps for domino pendant jewelry
Fairy, flora and pattern domino size stamps
Medium $16.99
Art Nouveau flower fairy woman lady rubber stamp daisy spring Goddess rubber stamped domino pin pendant jewelry
Domino pendant example
art projects:
Cat rubber stamps kitty kitten angel fairy mermaid mercat fine fantasy art
Forest Lichen Mushrooms Trees Leaves Fern Queen Anne's Lace rubber stamps
Medium $16.99
Medium $16.99
Mermaid rubber stamps siren lady of the lake Art Nouveau bookmark vintage book fairytale illustrations
Flower Ladies Fairy Women Rose Poppy Peony Water Lily Daisy Rubber Stamps
Medium $16.99
Large $22.99
Cat stamps! Mercat, Angel Kitten, Fairy Kitty +
Forest Set - Leaves, Butterflies, Mushrooms:
Classy Vintage Flower Dress Fairy Women
Paper art doll mermaid template rubber stamp face collage Doll-112
Nineteen mermaid theme rubber stamps:
fairy rubber stamps fairytale story book vintage feminine lady fantasy art
Tree rubber stamp forest trees nature plant domino jewelry
unisex pirate skeleton skull astronomy kings monster gargoyle unusual weird rubber stamp set domino pendant
Medium $16.99
Domino size unusual kings, pirate, skeleton,
astronomy, monsters theme stamp set:
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
Beautiful feminine fairy theme rubber stamps:
Trees, forest, nature theme & domino sizes:
Etched brass pendant by Alecia Overton
Fore-M06 rubber stamps.
Animal theme rubber stamp sheet eagle owls cats dogs horses tiger leopard birds
art nouveau woodland animals deer, birds, squirrel, bunny rabbit, leaves ferns, trees rubber stamps
Animal theme domino size rubber stamps:
Woodland animals and scenic stamps:
Large $22.99
Large $22.99
animal geese birds flying migrating flock artwork wood rubber stamp
Best-M09 miniature domino lady woman face mini rubber stamps
mini domino tree nature rubber stamps miniature dominoes
Miniature domino size rubber stamps.

Best-of collections from regular domino size
sheets, now available in a smaller size for
matching earrings and other tiny projects.
Miniature domino size Art Nouveau Women
Medium $16.99
Medium $16.99
Miniature domino size nature themed:
Miniature (approx. 30x16mm or 1&3/16"tall x 5/8"
wide) dominoes, hexigon letter tiles and regular
size domino pieces (25mm x 50mm or 1"x2") can
be found on the
domino & other game tiles, dog
tags, wood and other beads to rubber stamp, paint
or decorate page
Scenic landscape rubber stamps nature silhouette scenery tree leaf pine
Large $22.99
Preview our catalog below. Purchase at - I ship within the USA only.                                   The Enchanted Gallery Home Page       

Mounting rubber stamps tutorial cutting with scissors
deep etch rubber stamps for pressing into clay
The Enchanted Gallery rubber stamp sheets are made of the highest quality dark red natural gum rubber that allows you to use any type of stamping ink
with success. They are engraved deeply to provide detail and are suitable for stamping on a variety of surfaces including paper, polymer clay, acrylic,
plastics or for making domino pendants.

Below is a step by step tutorial for mounting your stamps with EZ Mount cling foam.
This foam is sticky on one side and has a smooth static cling surface on the other side. It can be removed and reattached (re-cling mounted) repeatedly to an
acrylic block for stamping. This option eliminates the need for wood mounts, saving you money and storage space. Depending on the variety of sizes of stamps
you own, you may only need one acrylic block for using all of your stamps.
1) Your unmounted stamps will arrive uncut, as a variety of images arranged on one rubber sheet. Use a pair of scissors to cut out
each individual images (special scissors are not necessary, but having a sharp non-stick pair for craft purposes is helpful.) Leave
about 1/8" rubber around the image as you cut. You may trim closer if you are careful not to cut on a slant. If you undercut, that area of
your stamp won't press evenly.
I always cut my images out before placing the stamp on mounting foam. This helps to reduce wasted space on the foam and you'll be
able to mount a couple extra stamps per sheet. If you prefer, you could also just lay your entire unmounted sheet on the sticky side of
your foam and do all your cutting at once.
EZ mount foam has a special cling surface on the foam itself, and is not like other double stick
foam where you need to attach a separate clear vinyl sheet. One side is a smooth surface that
clings to other smooth surfaces such as acrylic blocks, and the other side has a very stickly
adhesive to grip your rubber stamp.

The cling side has strong tack, adhering well to slick surfaces like an acrylic block with static cling
suction (no sticky mess).  If kept clean and free of dust, it never wears out or loses it's clingy
strength, it will not fall off your acrylic block until you peel it off!

The EZ mount foam might arrive slightly curled up at the edges, this is not a defect - just static
cling tension. It can be flattened back out by pulling the unprinted liner off and replacing it while the
cushion is laying on a flat surface.

Tips: You can use plastic binders to store your cling mounted rubber stamps. However, you
should not use acetate/film transparency to store your stamps. Acetate contains chemicals that
may permanently bond to the cling surface of mounting cushion.

To care for the cling side of your foam it is a good idea to keep it attached to your stamp block
during cleaning if you are using alcohol or stamp cleaners. Regular rinsing with water and/or soap
is fine.

If you have wood mounted stamps and are looking to reduce your storage space, you can loosen
the adhesive on your wood blocks by placing them in the microwave for a few seconds, then
remove it from the wood. Cushion layers can be stacked if you're unable to remove other brands of
sticky foam from your rubber so you can use them with acrylic blocks.
3) Peel off the white sticker liner (cling side) and press onto your acrylic block.

The most common way to mount your stamps is with double sided sticky foam and wood blocks (like most retail store bought stamps
are put together.) You can also buy double sided sticky foam and separate vinyl cling (which then is attached to acrylic mounts as a
reuseable handle) but I prefer not to have an extra step of attaching vinyl cling to the foam, so I only offer the EZ Mount foam which has
a static cling built in.
EZ Mount Cling Cushion
per 8.5" wide x 11" tall x 1/8" thick sheet.
how to mount unmounted rubber stamps with static cling foam
Mounting your unmounted rubber stamps with sticky foam
2) Peel back the printed liner (sticky side) and place your rubber stamp's smooth/clean backside onto the adhesive. Cut the foam
following the edges of your rubber stamp.
Mounting unmounted rubber stamps stick to acrylic stamping block
Mounting foam for unmounted rubber stamps acrylic block
Most of the stamps I use are ATC size (2.5" x 3.5") or smaller, so I bought a single 3" x 4" acrylic mount for all my personal stamping.
Unmounted rubber stamp with cling cushion on acrylic mount
rubber stamp store 3 ring binder clear n stor EZ Mount lightweight storage panels
3 ring binder stamping rubber stamp storage solution unmounted ez mount and clear stamps
One way to store your stamps is this handy thin white
plastic sheet that has been hole punched to fit any 3 ring
binder. Store on one or both sides of the sheet. Can be
used with your EZ-Mount cling foam backed rubber
stamps and is also safe for storing clear stamps.
Package of 5 panels
Mounting your stamps:
This takes the place of bulky wood blocks.
Use a single clear acrylic block for all of your stamps that have cling
foam on them. Just press the cling foam side onto your clear block and
you're good to stamp until you peel it off and put another stamp on the
block. Also works with clear stamps and vinyl cling stamps.

2.25" size
now with
curved grips.
blocks, no