shiny silver two layer lace edge tray one inch round circle pendant glass dome setting
Charms, beads, bails, jump rings, connector links, locket style pendants, glass vials and hollow domes:
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Timeless Minis Darice Dollhouse Glass Spice Bottles with Cork
Little glass bottles / corked
vials for your miniature art,
jewelry, storage and terrarium
Wrap wire along the top for
hanging as a pendant, fill with
your favorite glitter, sand, beads,
moss etc.
Tiny glass bottles are just under
1/2" wide with 5mm opening.

Four pack
2 packs left in stock
Nature theme - Flora and fauna charms, beads, pendants for crafts and jewelry making:
Assorted color leaf beads rainbow frosted acrylic charms red orange yellow green blue purple pink
frosted acrylic leaf beads pale yellow green leaves charms for jewelry making
Frosted acrylic leaf beads golden orange leaves plastic lucite craft jewelry making supplies
Package of 20 frosted or plated light weight acrylic leaf beads with 1mm hole 0.99¢
bronze filigree leaf charms leaves beads for pendant necklace making supplies
Silver filigree leaf charms leaves necklace pendant bead components jewelry
Silver or bronze tone
leaf charms
pack of 10 for
frosted acrylic flower cap beads 10mm RED lucite plastic charms for jewelry making
Pine Cone charms silver bronze pinneal pine tree pinecone necklace or bracelet beads
Bronze flower petal bead cap large brass metal charm pendant floral nature petals detailed
Antiqued bronze finish
large hollow
Flower Petal
Bead Cap 0.99¢ each
about 10 left in stock
Silver acorn charms reversible nature leaf beads twig branch oak tree jewelry
Tree of life circle pendant charm bead branches nature jewelry
Reversible Tree of Life circle
20mm wide charm
0.25¢ each -
about 20 left in stock
silver flower bead caps floral charms jewelry making components and terrarium craft
frosted acrylic flower beads tube lily charm bead cap terrarium craft jewelry
10mm small flower bead caps frosted acrylic charms nature floral jewelry making components
10mm wide frosted acrylic
package of 40 for $1.49
14mm wide
package of
frosted acrylic
flower beads
bead caps
10 for
silver bead caps flower 6 petal daisy floral charms
Three petal flower metal bead caps. 11mm wide. Package of 10 for 0.99¢
Silvertone six-petal
flower bead caps
package of 12 for 0.99¢
Glass domes, vials, lockets, miniatures, moss, lichen and other stuffing for terrarium craft:
Set of one miniature glass vase, a rubber stopper (to aid
in preservation or air tightness for liquids) and a
finish metal cap
that can be glued on to make a pendant.
miniature glass vase vial for terrarium craft jewelry or dollhouse moss
<-- The vase shape glass vials
have an opening at the top
measuring approx. 3mm.
Anything that is very tiny or flexible
can be stuffed into the bottle such
as sand, glitter, beads, moss,
dried or paper flowers, written
messages or photos stuffed
through when rolled up, resin etc.
silver cap for bottle vial pendant glass vase for terrarium craft dried flowers and moss jewelry DIY
Polymer clay mushroom apothecary glass dome pendant terrarium craft jewelry
The glass domes
with the larger
openings are perfect
for polymer clay art
(such as
mushrooms with
moss) or miniature
figurines made for
train sets and
Note: All of the hollow glass items are
hand blown and may vary slightly in
shape and hole placement.

Glue suggestion: I use E-6000, a thick
clear glue, rated for metal to glass
adhesion. Other glues can be used, but I
only recommend thick gel type glues, as
liquid super glues have a hard time
holding smooth edges together.
bronze pendant tray lace edge circle 18mm round cameo base pad
bronze pendant tray lace edge circle 25mm one inch rounch cameo base
example art glass dome pendant terrarium craft miniature sand beach shells
snowman snow sand miniature glass dome pendant jewelry
Dark bronze double lace edge
metal tray for gluing items, approx.
25mm inner circle. 0.69¢ each
Bronze finish lace edge
metal tray for gluing
items into the approx.
18mm inner circle area.
0.64¢ each
Glass domes can be used with the bronze lace
edge trays that leave approx 1mm edge space
around the outer diameter of the glass suitable
for glue, wire wrapping or building up a polymer
clay base to hold your artwork.
glass dome pendant bottle vial 25mm terrarium craft jewelry for polymer clay mushrooms moss and train scenery diorama
Wide glass dome tube approx.
24mm wide x 38mm tall, with
wide opening at bottom (22mm
inner) and small (2mm) hole at
$2.49 each
tree branches pendant silver bead nature twig necklace floral
Lg 39mm delicate tree
circle 0.49¢
overstock sale 0.39¢

20-30 pieces left in stock
Can be used with the lace trays, or any of the 1" circle trays
on the
jewelry making supplies page. Each 1" (25mm) tray
allows about 1mm around the edges for glue.
24mm wide glass dome half
sphere cover. Depth varies by
$1.49 each
Due to the way glass melts during
manufacturing, there may be a minor
dimple in the center.
gold klimt tree detailed nature leaf jewelry pendant
tree pendant circle of life detailed leaf nature charm silver jewelry
Detailed tree 1" circle pendant 0.69¢ each
Art Nouveau woman replica flowers lady pendant antique gold bead charm
Art Nouveau Lady
with Flowers
$1.99 each
Art Nouveau woman replica flowers lady pendant antique silver bead charm
Art Nouveau woman replica flowers lady pendant antique bronze brass bead charm
reversible fairy wing charm fern leaf bronze bead jewelry making supplies doll
reversible fairy wing charm fern leaf silver bead jewelry making supplies dol
Reversible openwork fairy
wing fern charms

package of 10 for
(Example art use of this pendant.
Chains/beads sold separately.)
10mm pearl finish
acrylic flower
random 30
BRONZE Dancing Art Nouveau Nature Goddess
40x68mm has a loop at the top back for
0.99¢ each - Limited vintage stock, about
10 pieces of bronze color only.
Scottish Thistle flower weed silver jewelry finding nature plant Art Nouveau
Silvertone flexible metal Scottish Thistle
Flower jewelry finding
. No hole, best
used for decorative glue-on projects and
mixed media art. Measures approx
49¢ each SALE 29¢ each.
About 20 pieces available.
grape leaves frosted light green acrylic resin lucite vintage leaf beads for nature jewelry making diy
Transparent frosted large wrinkled grape
leaf beads.
Measure approx 23mm tall.
Package of 20 for 99¢
autumn leaf beads
fall leaves frosted acrylic leaf beads necklace pendant charms jewelry making DIY
(Example art )
large detailed tree bronze pendant floral branch wood charm bead
XXL bronzetone tree pendant measures
approx. 61x58mm.
0.99¢ each
Fern leaf connectors have a
loop on both end for chains
or bracelet links. Package of
12 for 0.99¢
Small 6x12mm Pine Cone
10 pack $1.99
three petal flower bead caps jewelry making supplies bronze silver gunmetal copper
vivid green heart shape leaves leaf beads frosted acrylic vintage lucite jewelry
Frosted acrylic translucent heart
Imprinted on one side. 15x15
and 1mm thick. Package of 50 for
Silvertone lace edge metal
tray for gluing items into the
25mm inner circle
0.69¢ each
tree branch connector link charms beads silver nature leaf pendant making necklace jewelry
Tree branch connector link charms great for adding a natural look to chain necklaces between
links. Reversible design, each measures approx. 32mm long. Package of 4 for
Green Man Greenman charm pendant nature fairy Greek Mythology spirit jewelry
Elder Green Man leaf face charm in
silvertone metal.
25¢ each
pink lily of the valley cup flower bead frosted transparent acrylic lucite vintage jewelry making
10mm wide
transparent pink 6
petal cup flower
. Package of
30 for 0.99¢
art nouveau replica angel silver pendant charm bead
Art Nouveau Angel replica
0.99¢ - 10 left
Art Nouveau butterfly moth connector charm link bronze jewelry making supplies component nature bead
butterfly moth connector charm link silver jewelry making supplies component nature bead
Butterfly moth
connector links

measure approx.
10 for
mermaid charms silver beads for charm bracelet jewelry making supplies
Package of 5 silvertone
mermaid charms for
swinging mermaid pendant sea shell moving fantasy art kinetic jewelry necklace
Silvertone swinging
mermaid with sea shells
pendant 0.99¢ each
six leaf fan spray bead cap leaves beadcaps silver jewelry making supplies
11mm wide six-leaf
fan bead cap

silvertone package of
12 for
Small four-leaf bead caps
5x7mm wide
30 for 0.99¢
Terrarium craft silver locket with glass piece inserts for dried flowers and artwork
Pressed flowers glass locket terrarium craft pendant with microscope slide glass inserts for a floating look
glass locket with bird artwork example pendant
locket with two thin glass inserts
Silvertone metal open-backed
placing artwork, dried flowers,
glitter, ink, paint etc. The center
Silvertone metal open-backed
opening is 26mm wide and the
0.5mm thin glass inserts measure
30mm wide, with a total inner area
of 32mm for gluing your items.
$2.99 each or 10% off 10 for
bronze acorn charms brown nut nature seed bead jewelry making supplies
Reversible acorn charms package of
5 for
Saucer curved leaf beads charms leaves silver bronze copper options jewelry making supplies accents
Saucer leaf charms available in antiqued
silvertone, antiqued bronzetone and
darkened coppertone.
20% off original
price now
50 for $3.96
Hobnail studded circle world tree round charm gold bead jewelry making DIY
Goldtone studded
circle world tree
charm package of
6 for 0.99¢
large silver pine cone pinneal leaves leaf tree pinecone charm bead pendant nature style
silvertone large
8x15mm Pine
Cone charms
for $1.99
Flower fairy costume dress up halloween festival colorful plastic acrylic frosted charms for DIY jewelry making
16mm hand blown glass tube jewelry making terrarium craft locket bubble dome apothecary paper flower encasement
paper flower terrarium craft glass tube dome with hole on top for pendant making apothecary jewelry supplies
Long glass dome
about 16mm
wide x 50mm tall
Has a 14mm wide
opening at bottom and
a 3mm hole on the top
of the dome.
Limited edition
batch -
4 available -
Sale $1.99
*If optionally used with
18mm trays it will have
a 1mm gap around all
edges that can be filled
with extra glue or clay
Lace edging can also be
bent inward with pliers.
20mm wide circle framed tree of life charm in bronze finish pendant jewelry making supplies nature branches flora theme
Silver spiral Goddess charm pendant jewelry beads female form woman feminine
0.19¢ ea.
Chain necklace connector charms Victorian style leaves nature theme link for pendant jewelry making in bronze or silver
Triangular Victorian leaf connector
charm package of
5 for 99¢
Example idea: clay or cloth insert coated with perfume or
aromatherapy oil and beads with cotton cord.
Quad-heart locket $2.99 each
Sale 20% off 5 pack for $11.96
30mm round domed glass piece clear photograph art print cover jewelry making supplies blank tray
30mm circle
shape piece of
Solid, flat
back with rounded
top, great for
gluing over
Quad-heart decorative openwork locket with 3mm deep x 30mm wide inner tray with gap at the top hanger loop. Great for use with polymer clay, glued objects
such as travel pebbles/sand, beads or charms, glitter or with the 30mm glass inserts over printed art, photographs, paint, gold leaf etc.
recycle christmas gift wrap packaging craft project diy jewelry making locket pendant glass tray
Openwork metal pendant tray locket container with flower doily mandala pattern design 30mm round inner setting
Flower doily openwork locket in antiqued
silvertone finish. This locket has no gap in
the inner tray, so it is also great for resin
and poured paint.
$2.99 each, or  $1.99
each when you buy
5 for $9.95
Iridescent gift wrap Christmas wrapping paper craft project metallic reflective foil locket necklace pendant
30mm circle shape reflective
acrylic pearl insert.
Flat white
back with pearl cat-eye effect
rounded top. Great for locket
inserts or decorating with
alcohol inks.
Art Nouveau Ginko Leaf Flourish Connector.
Thin, lightweight metal links with a hole at
each end, great for earrings and bracelets.
Each measures approx. 17x18mm, slightly
curved, about 0.25mm thin
10 for 0.99¢
Art Nouveau connector beads knot charm bracelet necklace earrings component jewelry making DIY
Art Nouveau connector charms beads knotwork elegant bracelet links for spacers
Reversible Art Nouveau knot connector charms provide a decorative spacer
between beads in necklaces, bracelet links or earrings, adding to chain
necklaces w/jump rings for added elegance.
10 Pack $1.99
Large Goddess connector link silve beads Willendorf spiral decorative jewelry
connector 0.49¢
Art Nouveau Morning Glory flowers silver bronze jewelry making necklace focal bead floral
Art Nouveau Morning Glory flower
. Two holes on top and two
holes on bottom for hanging
0.75¢ each
Goddess charms pendant focal bead jewelry making supplies
Small charms are a great way to accent larger
pendants and focal beads for necklaces,
earrings or charm bracelets.
Goddess of Willendorf earrings and pendant opal bead example art charms silver jewelry making supplies
Example with reflective
acrylic pearl insert.
Glue a clear glass piece over your choice of gold leaf, glitter, iridescent gift
wrap (as shown in picture above) or your choice of art prints, paints, etc.
Shipping and store policy
red acorn charms for earrings or pendants jewelry making supplies copper nature leaf
Shiny silver detailed pine cone charms nature beads
Bright silver plated
detailed pine cone
package of 6 for
limited edition 10
packs available
No-swing version, detailed
antiqued silvertone
package of 3 for 99¢
Mermaid pendant charm bead fantasy art ocean nautical theme jewelry making supplies silver
Red frosted acrylic flower beads similar to vintage lucite floral jewelry making supplies low price
Pink frosted acrylic flower beads similar to vintage lucite charms floral theme jewelry making supplies
Frosted clear white grape leaves large floral leaf beads charms for jewelry making earrings necklace pendants accents tiara crowns
Frosted clear translucent white acrylic leaf beads with one side imprint vein lucite charms for jewelry making
3d bird beads - 10 for 0.99¢

10% off bulk pack - 50 for $4.46
Color Qty
Bird beads antique silver charms for jewelry making earrings bracelet necklace animal nature theme supplies
Nature tree branch connector link charms gold bronze metal bead great for vintaj patina alcohol inks custom jewelry supplies
Step by step tutorial on
how to make this guitar
pick necklace

Pearl picks and other
beads to rubber stamp
Bronze beads mourning dove pigeon bird watching fan animal lover jewelry making supplies
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Only 15 left in stock
Pendant hangers and glue-on bails to connect your favorite beads, charms or polymer clay art to a necklace chain.
Jump rings, ball head pins, charm bracelets and earring hooks to hang your charms:
Shiny silver plated bright roped pendant bail loop connector link bead charm
Shiny silver
braided design
pendant hangers
5 for $1.49
Shiny silver or gold plated glue on pendant bail attachment jewelry making findings for domino game tiles clay and ice resin DIY
Package of 5 for
Inexpensive thin textured heart base made from mix metal plated zinc alloy glue-on jewelry bails. Use
with E6000 or your choice of super glue to attach to your polymer clay, glass or plastic items for
pendant making.
Package of 10 - $2.99
Smaller 9x19mm
w/4x7mm opening

bronze 4 packs left:
bronze heart glue on pendant bail loop connector e6000 or super glue necklace DIY
Heart shape glue-on pendant bail loop connector link for glass tiles clay domino game pieces
How to use a pendant hanger with jump ring to connect any charms, beads or pendants with top loops to your chain necklace
Example using a
pendant hanger
with a jump ring to
connect a charm.
Cobblestone path pattern rock silver bronze copper pendant hanger bail connector links bales jewelry making DIY supplies
Cobblestone path
pattern pendant
package of 5
for $1.49
Antiqued Silvertone
Antiqued Bronze
Antiqued Copper
Qty Color
Ornate swirl
pendant hangers
Large enough
opening for most
ribbons, cords or
beaded necklaces.

5 for $1.99 or
bulk sale 20 for
$5.99 (29
¢ ea)
Bronze metal filigree openwork geometric shapes pendant bail hanger loop for cords or chains focal bead and charm holder
Bronze openwork geometric
shape pendant hangers.

Package of
5 for $2.49 sale $1.99
Dotted pendant hanger bail connector link antique silver art deco jewelry making supplies
Regal pattern bronze and silver pendant hanger connector link bails for polymer clay charms and focal beads
Dotted ridge pendant
in antiqued
silvertone metal.
Package of
5 for $1.49
Limited about
10 packs
left in stock.
Regal pattern
pendant hangers
Package of
5 for
$1.49 -
2 packs
left in stock
Ant. Silvertone
Butterfly openwork pendant hanger bail links silver filigree artwork for necklace making
Antique silvertone butterfly
openwork ball pendant hanger

package of
5 for $1.99
Simple charm hangers silver pendant link connectors for hanging polymer clay, beads, pendants etc.
Antiqued Silvertone
channel charm
. Package
10 for 0.99¢
Shiny silver
triangle hangers
with sideways
5 for $1.49
Antiqued silvertone metal berry, leaf and vines
tube pendant hanger
. Looks beautiful with clay
pendants on ribbons. Package of
2 for 0.99¢
Pendant hanger link bail for hanging polymer clay focal beads with berry leaf and vines pattern antique silver metal
Klimt swirl silver pattern ball pendant bail hanger bead connector link for necklace making diy jewelry
Shiny silver plated Klimt style swirl
pattern openwork ball pendant
Package of 5 for $2.49
Art Deco heart scroll teardrop bail pendant hanger antique silver necklace making focal bead polymer clay jewelry supply
Art Deco heart
scroll teardrop
pendant hangers
5 pack 0.99¢
Antiqued Silvertone Bail Hangers:
french wire keepers earring stoppers clear rubber acrylic plastic secure jewelry making supplies
I recommend these little clear
plastic stoppers for any hook or
post earrings. Metal nuts can
become loose or fish hook
earrings can wiggle loose and
fall off, but these prevent that from
happening by the snug center
hole hugging the ear wire
securely. Package of 36
Women's chain bracelet silver iron large links for charm jewelry making supplies hanging polymer clay and beads diy silver plated iron
Silver plated chain bracelet for women's wrists up to 8" with
large chain link openings for hanging charms.
0.99¢ each
40 piece package of silvertone zinc-alloy plated iron (nickel and lead
fishhook earrings (20 pairs, hooks with loop components only,
beads/charms/clay sold separately). Each measures 18mm long
and the wire is 0.8mm thick. -
Jewelry making supplies update: 40 piece package of shiny silver zinc-alloy plated iron (nickel and lead free) fishhook earrings 20 pairs, hooks with loop components only. Polymer clay, beads, charms and ball end pins to hang them available separately
Package of 16 large diamond shape
screw eyes
for hanging heavy items up to
3lbs: Clay ornaments, wall hangings,
wood, large domino art etc.
10mm silver plated screw eye hooks for jewelry making. great for use with polymer clay charms, domino pendants and miniature dominoes on earrings
Tiny screw eyes with a 2mm hole for
attaching jump rings.
Ideal for placing
into polymer clay before baking to
make small pendants or charms
. Also
great for placing into pre-drilled holes in
hard items such as a domino (directions
on the
domino tutorial page.) 8-10mm
Miniature domino with a ball chain necklace and jump ring tutorial
Tiny 10mm screw eyes are great for travel size
miniature dominoes. Pair with a 7mm jump ring for a
ball chain pendant, or a 4mm jump ring for using
with the earring hook (two jump rings if you want your
domino to face a different direction.)
Miniature domino earrings jump ring screw eye hook DIY jewelry rubber stamping supplies
Tim Holtz idea-ology medium sized screw eyes package of
(12 each antiqued silver, bronze and copper tones.)
Tim Holtz screw eyes ideo-ology screws for jewelry making domino or polymer clay DIY
screw eyes antique silver bronze or copper finish for jewelry making pendants loop attachment polymer clay or domino art
This size is good for
standard (1" x 2")
domino game pieces,
polymer clay pendants,
key chains, ornaments

The loop has an inner
diameter of 3mm, large
enough to directly hang
from your cord or ball
bronze gold 8 10mm screw eye pins attachment for polymer clay charms domino earrings
bronze jump rings 4mm and 7mm open jewelry making supplies components
Bronze finish open jump rings
4mm 50 pack or 7mm 30 pack for 0.99¢
Split rings (double jump rings) for hanging heavier
items and things that need to be extra secure.
6mm split rings
100 for $1.99
5mm outer diameter jump rings silver gold copper bronze gunmetal jumprings jewelry making DIY
spacer beads silver snowflake dotted ring charms jewelry making components
silver flower head spacer beads for ball pin ends jewelry making
snowflake dotted ring spacer beads gold silver copper bronze jewelry making components
Snowflake dotted ring
spacer beads
approx. 4.5mm wide and
1mm thick.
100 for 0.99¢
three in one pliers wire cutter loop making jewelry making cousing 3-in-1
tutorial image how to use jump ring opener rings open jewelry making supplies
jump ring opener rings tool for bending open jewelry making supplies
how to use jewelry pliers for making loops and holding jump rings
Make opening and closing jump
rings quick and easy
with this
handy tool. Just slip onto your
finger, pick up the jump ring with
pliers and bend the jump ring
using the slot to keep it in place.
3 in 1 jewelry pliers. One tool
easily does most jobs: make
loops, cut wire, hold items in
place 5" long.
Ornate swirl pendant hanger bail connector link ideal for focal beads handmade polymer clay charms and other DIY jewelry making
Floral lace silver pendant hanger bail connector link Art Nouveau style jewelrty making components
Floral vine pattern
tube style pendant
hanger package
2 for 0.99¢
10 pack
Orange translucent frosted acrylic flower bead vintage lucite style plastic charms
Gustav Klimt art style with swirls and spirals tree art pendant charm bead silver jewelry making supplies
Klimt tree charm
0.39¢ each
Antiqued copper mourning dove bird watching watcher animal lover jewelry making supplies charm
Chains can be found on the
jewelry making supplies
Shiny Silver
Bronze tree charm reversible pendant bead diy jewelry making supplies
Cat beads silver kitty kitten jewelry making supplies charm
Antique silvertone 3d cat  beads 6
for 0.99¢
or bulk sale 50 for $5.99
Large openwork leaf pendant silver charm jewelry making supplies nature tree leaves
Openwork wavy
silvertone leaf
e-6000 glue for jewelry making pendant bails
E-6000 Industrial
strength craft adhesive.

Great for attaching metal
bails to plastic, clay,
glass, cloth etc. Clear,
flexible, waterproof,
washer/dryer safe. Coat
paper projects in your
choice of sealer before
applying this thick gel
glue. Small tube
(approx. 3" tall x 0.75"
wide. Total 0.5 fl oz.)
Antiqued Silver
Antiqued Gold
Available in frosted translucent green, mixed colors
or white in the drop down cart button to the left.
Example use
Package of 20 tiny screw
eyes for
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flexible polymer clay push molds pendant jewelry making bead art doll
The Enchanted Gallery fairy, mermaid, fantasy Art Nouveau rubber stamps
Polymer Clay Tools mica powders perfect pearls metal foil gold leafing gilding flakes
Copic Markers, Memento ink pads, Glitter Buttons, Embellishments, Ribbon
Miniature food, doll house, art doll face beads, wings, crowns
Domino game tiles miniature mini dominoes flat beads to rubber stamp decorate scrabble tiles painting DIY jewelry
EZ Mount Static Cling Cushion Rubber Stamp Mounting Foam for Unmounted stamps
Free tutorials domino rubber stamping polymer clay jewelry making art supply reviews
Kimberly Crick artwork and prints ATC ACEO traditional art original paintings
Blank pendant trays, necklace chains, jump rings, ice resin, polymer clay settings
silver sold
Silvertone                     Gunmetal                        Bronze                       Copper
(Bronze =
sold out)
open back pendant frames transparent resin inclusions supplies